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The best dog breeds for living in the country

The best dog breeds for living in the country

A country house for many is a dream, a desire, an anticipation of a vacation on their own land, fenced off from prying eyes. A place where you can feel oneness with nature without leaving your territory. For some, this is just a temporary haven to visit on weekends and holidays. For others, it is permanent residence. And if you want to get a companion dog that will share life outside the city with you, then you should take a good look at the breeds and choose the most suitable for such conditions.

First you need to study the circumstances of your pet - where will he live most of the time? In the house? In the yard, moving freely in a fenced area? On a leash, to guard the house, or in an aviary?

If you want to have a pet so that he only lives in the house, then the same breeds as for a city apartment will suit you. However, in most cases, residents of suburban areas prefer to keep dogs on the street.

This implies that the dog will also perform a security function, protecting your home and property from uninvited guests. For this role, it is better to choose large breeds of dogs that have watchdog, service or herding instincts.

Make sure that a nice and warm booth is prepared for your new furry friend. If you are building an aviary, then try to make it as spacious as possible so that the pet has a place to stretch its paws. You should not save a place for a dog, because it will be not only a devoted watchman, but also a true friend.

And now let's see what breeds of dogs are best kept in a village or in a suburban area.


The best dog breeds for living in the country

This breed of dog has come down to us through the millennia almost unchanged. This large, brave and intelligent dog has been a devoted protector and reliable guard from the very beginning. The breed has these properties even now, they have also been supplemented by a developed intellect and a strong attachment to their owner.

Thanks to their dense coat, they can safely live outside in a booth even during cold periods. At the same time, they are also not afraid of heat.

Enormous strength, endurance, good health and guarding instincts, distrust of strangers make this breed of dog the best watchmen.

German Shepherd

The best dog breeds for living in the country

This breed of dog is almost always the most common choice when it comes to vacation homes. And there is nothing unusual about this. These dogs have strong herding and guarding instincts, being smaller than the Alabay but large enough to knock down robbers or keep them away from property. German Shepherds are also very disciplined and easy to train. They combine natural energy and calm character.

It is very easy to take care of such a dog, it lives equally well both in the house and in the aviary. One has only to make sure that she always has dry bedding in the booth.

It is also worth considering that this breed of dog is very social, and it requires proper mental and physical activity. If this is not enough, then she herself will begin to seek adventure for herself.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

The best dog breeds for living in the country

This shaggy breed of dog has an impressive size and formidable power that can scare away any intruder from your site. This dog has a very determined and fearless character, as well as innate aggression. Therefore, it is necessary to engage in its upbringing from an early age. Having understood who is in charge, the dog expresses boundless devotion and obedience to his master. At the same time, the dog loves children very much and can become a reliable nanny for them, which will protect them from any dangers.

Caucasian Shepherd Dogs are very jealous of their territory, so they are ideal for performing watchdog functions. If you have raised a dog of this breed well, it will never let you or your family members offend.

Moscow watchdog

The best dog breeds for living in the country

This is a young breed of dog that was bred in the fifties of the twentieth century. It is based on St. Bernards, Caucasian Shepherd Dogs and Russian Spotted Hounds. As you might guess from the name, its purpose is to guard the yard and house.

It is best to keep it if there is a large adjacent area. The thick coat allows the dog to feel comfortable outdoors in cold weather, and the large size inspires fear even in physically developed people.

The character of the Moscow watchdog is balanced - she is self-confident, but at the same time she treats the people around her normally. If she was brought up right, she would never lash out at a friend or family member. But her pronounced territoriality and lack of fear makes her merciless to any would-be robbers.

Giant Schnauzer

The best dog breeds for living in the country

The Giant Schnauzer is a large breed, descended from the shepherd dogs of Bavaria, which is distinguished by intelligence, good nature and excellent guard qualities. Also, these dogs are very patient with children, which makes them the best option for guarding a private home in which babies live.

Dogs of this breed are very easy to train. Therefore, they are often used for police and military service. However, they can easily become reliableny companion and at home. But you should immediately make a reservation that they need increased physical activity, so a short walk will not be enough.

The Giant Schnauzer is very distrustful of strangers, so you can be calm for your territory. In order for the dog to be comfortable in the cold season, you will need an insulated booth, since wool does not protect very well from frost.

Akita Inu

The best dog breeds for living in the country

Everyone who has ever watched the film "Hachiko" has heard about the devotion of this breed. If you are looking for a true companion for many years, who will also faithfully guard your home, then you will not find a better option.

The Akita Inu breed comes from Japan, where it was bred for hunting and guard functions. Representatives of this breed enjoyed great respect in society and even guarded the imperial family and the nobility. These dogs do not bark just like that, they are always wary of strangers, but friendly to all family members.

Akita Inu are very energetic, they love active games. They just need physical activity. At the same time, they are quite stubborn and independent, so it is better to use the services of a professional dog handler in order to properly raise your pet.

Russian black terrier

The best dog breeds for living in the country

Another young breed of dog, which was bred in the USSR to work in army units. The German Giant Schnauzers became the basis. Despite its young age, this breed quickly spread throughout the country due to its watchdog qualities.

The Russian black terrier will calmly endure any weather, and even frosts are not terrible for him. Dogs quickly react to any surprises and do not let strangers into their territory. However, with all this, they do not lose their composure and remain obedient to the owner. These dogs are difficult to frighten or force to leave the territory they protect.

Representatives of this breed are in dire need of active physical and mental exercise. It is also important for them to feel that they are members of the family, so you should not put them on a chain - this can become a psychological trauma for them.

Tibetan mastiff

Huge, shaggy, frowning - such a look will scare away even brave and prepared people. It is this appearance that dogs of the Tibetan Mastiff breed have. And in combination with a developed territoriality, these qualities make him an unsurpassed guard.

Tibetan mastiffs are very devoted to their owner and members of his family, especially if the dog has been trained since childhood. His courage and calmness can be envied by any representative of other breeds.

However, such dogs tend to show some stubbornness, so special attention should be paid to education and training.


The "mop dog", the hero of Internet memes, as well as a wonderful shepherd, watchman and guard, is a description of the representatives of the Komondor breed, or the Hungarian Shepherd Dog. Their appearance invariably causes a smile due to the fact that the coat takes the form of long dreadlocks. So you will need to find a good groomer to properly care for your dog. It is also desirable for the Komondor to spend the night in the house - so the wool will retain its cleanliness and grooming longer.

But if you are not embarrassed by such features, then you will surely like the fact that komondors can easily repel any intruder or ill-wisher.

For the owner and members of his family, the komondor becomes a true friend and comrade-in-arms, whose kindness and kindness can melt even a stone heart. And often in relations with the owner's family, the shepherd instincts of the dog can show through - the Komondor can sit quietly next to you for hours and watch what you are doing.

South Russian Shepherd Dog

Another breed of dog with thick hair is the South Russian Shepherd Dog. This breed comes from the steppes of the Crimea and the Black Sea region. Since ancient times, it has been used for grazing herds of domestic animals, so both herding and guarding instincts have developed in it. And along with them independence, independence, intelligence and fearlessness.

From a very early age, representatives of this breed protect their territory and do not let strangers into it. Their thick coat helps them to endure frosts easily, but they do not feel very well in the heat.

Representatives of this breed have always been on the move, all the time with the herd, so the need for high physical activity is in their genes - walks, games and training should be given close attention. It is also worth educating from an early age in order to direct the dog's character into a productive and calm form.

Finally, I would like to say that living a dog on a site, and not in an apartment, does not mean that she has enough space. Take your pets for walks, pay attention to them, remember that they are not only your guardian and security system, but also friends, and you are the most important thing in life for them.

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