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The best dog breeds for long walks, hiking, hiking

The best dog breeds for long walks, hiking, hiking

Let's imagine that you love hiking, climbing mountains and in general you are an avid hiker. And you would like your pet to share the joys of these journeys with you. What will it be like for a little chihuahua to keep up with you? Of course, you can take her in a special backpack, but this may not be very comfortable for her.

It will be harder for pugs or French bulldogs. Due to the weight, you will not be able to carry them on yourself, in addition, representatives of this breed have body features that can interfere with long trips. Therefore, if you are serious about traveling together, choose a dog that will match your personality and physical abilities.

However, it is worth considering in advance an important point related to traveling with any breed of dog.

To maintain positive emotions from long walks over rough terrain, it is important that the fluffy listens to you well and follows your commands. It will not be very pleasant if the dog suddenly jumps into the bushes and chases the hare. This is extra stress that is best avoided. Moreover, the dog may run too far and in the heat of the chase may hurt himself.

It is also desirable that your dog be able to stop any action on command. This is important, for example, so that he does not eat a poisonous plant.

Therefore, prepare your pet for the trip in advance. And then both of you will get the maximum pleasure from this pastime.

Well, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the description of several tireless dog breeds that will be reliable companions and follow you on any paths.

Border Collie

The best dog breeds for long walks, hiking, hiking

High intelligence, irrepressible energy and working qualities of this breed are famous all over the world. And this is often noted in many lists of energetic dog breeds. Because Border Collies are easy to train, they are perfect to accompany you on hikes - this dog will never suddenly run away and leave his owner.

Despite the fact that the breed was bred for the purely practical purpose of guarding flocks and driving sheep into stalls, it is also ideal for living in urban areas.

However, such an active past means that the dog needs a lot of movement even when you are at home and not on a hike. Therefore, you will have to take care of giving her enough load.

German Shepherd

The best dog breeds for long walks, hiking, hiking

This young dog breed is also famous all over the world. And although her story begins only at the end of the 19th century, she has already managed to fall in love with millions of people. And this is not at all surprising. Many ratings put it in third place among the smartest dog breeds. These animals easily and clearly follow the commands and are able to understand the slightest changes in the intonation of their master.

Initially, the breed was bred for herding work, but rapid urbanization led to the fact that the range of its qualities was expanded and made the dog fit for life in the city.

This breed is strong, hardy, with a balanced psyche. When everything is calm, she is imperturbable, and when danger arises, she immediately rushes to the defense of her master. Many German Shepherds have served as rescuers, guards and even cargo carriers. Therefore, this breed will not only be a good companion on a hike, but can also get you out of trouble - if the need arises.

Walker's Arboreal Coonhound (Walker's Coonhound)

The best dog breeds for long walks, hiking, hiking

This breed of active dog is ideal for hikers due to its ability to navigate the wild with ease. At the same time, the legacy of the hounds, expressed in vivid hunting instincts, can play a cruel joke - dogs react sharply to any potential prey. Therefore, proper upbringing and a long leash become very important, which must be used until the dog begins to obey you unquestioningly.

In communication, these dogs are friendly and playful, they easily endure long walks, and on calm days they also need to be given extra exercise, led to space and allocate time for jogging.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

The best dog breeds for long walks, hiking, hiking

This breed is originally from South Africa and has absorbed the sun of this region - this can be seen in its color - from wheat color to warm brown.

Despite the fact that the Rhodesian Ridgeback is also called the "lion dog", its representatives are extremely calm and patient animals. They get along well with their owner and members of his family, but their qualities are best manifested in the wild.

This breed was bred to protect against wild animals, protect the family and habitat, as well as help hunters. Thanks to this, the dog is ready to follow his master into any jungle. At the same time, she has good climbing qualities and loves to climb mountains. And her cheerfulness and curiosity will cheer you up more than once on hikes.

Australian Shepherd (Aussie)

The best dog breeds for long walks, hiking, hiking

Another breed that always ends up on the list of the most active and energetic dogs. The Australian Shepherd is a companion that you will not get bored with because he loves outdoor adventures. The energy of the Aussie is simply inexhaustible erpaema!

If you come up with games for your furry while you make the transitions, he will definitely be delighted. Like the Border Collie, the Australian Shepherd needs a lot of exercise every day - so going for a hike once a week won't be enough for him. And if you can provide your pet with interesting workouts and a good load, both of you will be happy!

The Aussie loves to be part of the family and loves to be in the company of their owners. These dogs are agile, easy to train and have endurance, so that even the most trained owner can quickly tire. Australian Shepherds love a variety of training, where there is a reward, they are enthusiastic about games and "dog" sports.

So the owner must be one that can satisfy the huge needs of the Aussie in physical and stress and mental training. Since these dogs are strongly attached to their owners, they can be called excellent companions for energetic and athletic people.

And this trait is clearly shown during walks with a dog: it will make sure that no one gets lost along the way, and will help to bring everyone together. Despite the desire to follow the commands of the owner, the Aussie can make decisions on its own in emergency situations.

German Shorthaired Pointer (Kurzhaar)

The best dog breeds for long walks, hiking, hiking

Even pronouncing the name of this breed - kurtshaar - you feel how much energy boils in them. And indeed it is. In terms of energy, this dog is comparable to a perpetual motion machine. Therefore, you need to be careful when choosing this breed if you are not sure that you can provide it with the necessary level of activity.

This hunting breed is ideal for hiking. At the same time, she feels the happier the more she is occupied with various exercises.

Any athlete could envy the endurance and dexterity of shorthaired shorthaired dogs - they can tirelessly run for many kilometers, and if necessary, they can easily get a fallen object out of the water - this is sometimes very handy when hiking.

And kurtshaars love their owners very much and are incredibly friendly. With such a companion, it will not be scary to go through any difficulties.

Miniature Pinscher (miniature pinscher, miniature pinscher)

The best dog breeds for long walks, hiking, hiking

This little dog with the soul of a big dog can conquer you at the first meeting. If you like outdoor activities and at the same time would like a smaller dog, this breed will be ideal.

Despite their small size, dogs of this breed are full of energy and courage. A cheerful and active nature brighten up any gray days, so these dogs can be ideal companions for adventures. Miniature Pinschers are always ready to plunge into some kind of adventure with you. But at the same time, their impetuous temper does not deprive them of their mind, they can always soberly assess the situation and will not take risks in vain - their owners should not worry about this.

However, there are some peculiarities - since the dog is smaller, its endurance is also less than that of the breeds listed above. But this is easily compensated by their small weight - if necessary, you can easily carry this dog in your arms.

Siberian Husky

The best dog breeds for long walks, hiking, hiking

This active breed is often recommended for people who love long walks. And the popularity of this breed has long confirmed the love of people for these charming and emotional dogs.

With a mischievous and playful personality, Huskies display traits such as independence and cunning. You will never get bored with them! Her energy must always be directed in a constructive direction, for example, long walks and hiking, otherwise the energy will still find a way out, but not in the way you would like. Their independence is also manifested in a special approach to education - when traveling, it is undesirable to let the dog off a long leash until it obeys the commands of its owner. Otherwise, a pleasant trip can quickly turn into a search for a dog that ran after a hare or a squirrel.

It is also worth considering that this breed was bred in the north - it feels good in the snow and cold, but in hot places it will not be very comfortable.

Finally, we would like to add that before going on a trip, be sure to check with the veterinarian if your fluffy is ready for such loads and whether his health is suitable for such a lifestyle.

And, of course, do not forget that during high activity you need appropriate nutrition.

Therefore, choose a breed of dog that will become a reliable friend in any adventure on your journey together!

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