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The Best Dog Breeds to Carry in the Cabin

The Best Dog Breeds to Carry in the Cabin

How nice it would be to go on a journey with your furry pet, see new places, beauties, walk along the roads of unknown countries...

Often the main obstacle to this is only the movement of a pet to another country. Sometimes you can go on a trip in your car, and then there are no particular difficulties. But often you can get to the intended country only by plane.

It should be borne in mind that different companies may set their own conditions for transporting dogs. And the main criteria for this is the size and weight of the animal.

You may also encounter the fact that the exact information about the possibility of transporting an animal may not be indicated anywhere. Therefore, after deciding to fly with a pet, immediately call the airline of choice and find out the requirements for transporting dogs. And with this it is better not to delay, since only a limited number of animals can be transported in the cabin of the aircraft. And if all the free places for dogs are occupied, your furry friend will have to spend all the way in the luggage compartment.

If you know for sure that you want to travel with your pet and are just about to make a furry friend, then we suggest considering the dog breeds that are best suited for traveling in the cabin.


The Best Dog Breeds to Carry in the Cabin

Surely you have seen dachshunds - these curious and sociable dogs are known all over the world. The elongated body, short legs and smart muzzle of this breed have flashed more than once in films and cartoons. Despite its cute appearance and small size, the dachshund is a hunting dog that needs a lot of activity and attention. This is just what you need for vigorous travel with frequent walks and excursions.

Most often, the size of the dachshund ranges from 20 to 27 cm at the withers, and the weight is from 3.6 to 4.5 kg.


The Best Dog Breeds to Carry in the Cabin

This lively and courageous dog comes from the Mexican state of Chihuahua and lived in the wild many centuries ago before being domesticated by the Toltec civilization. It is believed that dogs of this breed are the smallest in the world. Therefore, traveling with them is very easy - in an unforeseen situation, a furry friend is easy to pick up, put in a bag or backpack.

Interestingly, the Chihuahua significantly influenced the formation of the rest of the dwarf breeds, so it occupies one of the most important places in the history of dog breeding. Among the advantages of this breed are good health, strong contact with the owner, complaisance and high intelligence.

Its standard dimensions are 15-22 cm at the withers, and its weight is 1.6-2.7 kg.


The Best Dog Breeds to Carry in the Cabin

Another breed that is often allowed to be carried in the cabin of most airlines.

Despite the pretty appearance, this dog combines the courage and character of larger relatives. And don't let the size of the dog fool you - this tiny creature cannot live without active walks and constant games in the fresh air. And if suddenly a passerby seems to him an enemy, the spitz will rush to protect you without fear. At the same time, he is distinguished by good intelligence and special devotion to his master.

Its dimensions are 18-30 cm at the withers, and its weight is 1.3-3 kg.


The Best Dog Breeds to Carry in the Cabin

This breed is often referred to as the Toy Spaniel. This small dog has qualities such as friendliness and playfulness, which is ideal for traveling company. At the same time, a high level of intelligence allows dogs to understand their role in human life and be a true friend and companion. The dog's small size does not interfere with its watchdog function, alerting you to any suspicious faces or stray dogs. All this can come in handy when traveling.

Interestingly, the word "papillon" in French means "butterfly". This breed was named so because of the shape of the ears, which resemble the wings of a butterfly.

The size of the dog ranges mainly from 20 to 27 cm, and the weight is from 3.6 kg to 4.5 kg.

Yorkshire Terrier

The Best Dog Breeds to Carry in the Cabin

This miniature and graceful dog with a brave heart and boundless love for his owners is in the TOP 10 most popular breeds in the world. A smart and playful Yorkie is always ready to give people his good mood, while he is also fearlessly ready to defend his home and owner, which always causes endless tenderness.

At the same time, its small size in most cases makes it easy to transport it in the cabin. So, at the withers, the Yorkshire Terrier is only 20-23 cm, and its weight does not exceed 3.1 kg.

Bichon Frize

The Best Dog Breeds to Carry in the Cabin

This breed of dog is ideal for traveling in the cabin. But be prepared for the fact that everyone who sees this dog will want to cuddle or stroke it - no one can resist the charm of such fluffy creatures.

They fell in love with many for their snow-white coat, proportional head with a smart muzzle and black curious eyes. Interestingly, their fur consists of hairs that are twisted into a spiral - that is why they look so much like a living toy.

Adult dogs are about 23-28 cm tall and weigh about 3-6 kg.

toy poodle

The Best Dog Breeds to Carry in the Cabin

This dog breed completes our list with a narrow intelligent muzzle and a long neck. Its abundant and curly coat allows them to make stylish and decorative hairstyles. At the same time, wool comes in different shades - from blue and silver to brown and apricot.

The main features of this breed are devotion to the owner, attentiveness, high ability to learn, activity and pleasant character.

The size of an adult dog is about 28 cm at the withers, and the weight is about 4.5 kg.

There are other small dogs, such as pugs and French bulldogs. But airlines often do not allow these dogs to be taken on board. And this is not due to any limitations of the companies themselves, but to the characteristics of these dogs. They belong to the so-called brachycephalic breeds. These are breeds of dogs that have a shortened muzzle - this skeletal structure leads to frequent breathing problems that can occur during flight. There are a lot of cases when dogs of such breeds could not be saved - for this reason, a restriction was introduced.

Finally, I would like to say a few words about carrying for dogs. It should allow your pet to lie and stand freely in it. It is better to choose a light model, but which at the same time will be reliable enough to keep your pet inside.

As a rule, on an airplane, a carrier with a dog is placed under the seat. However, if this thought bothers you a lot or you want your furry friend to have more space, you can buy your own dog space. Many airlines allow you to buy an adjacent seat for a pet at the standard ticket price. In this case, the dog will be almost on the same level with you.

Traveling is a great pleasure, and traveling with your four-legged friend is a pleasure that is amplified at times. Do not deprive yourself of this opportunity - choose dog breeds with which you can open new horizons of the world!

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