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The Best Dog Breeds to Live in an Apartment

The Best Dog Breeds to Live in an Apartment

Just because you live in an apartment building doesn't mean you can't get a dog. Today, every animal lover has the opportunity to choose a dog with any temperament and features of the content.

At the same time, when choosing a dog for an apartment, it is worth considering a few points - this way you will save yourself from surprises and unpleasant surprises.

It is important to understand that the dog will have to live in a confined space and possibly in the presence of other people. Therefore, the wrong choice can easily cause inconvenience to both the owner and family members and even neighbors.

In this article, we will tell you which dog breeds are best suited for a city apartment and what criteria - in addition to interest in the animal and appearance - should be taken into account when choosing them.

So, what to look for when choosing a dog breed for an apartment?

1. Pet size.

Small dogs do not need a large living area. An ordinary apartment and a small park next to the house for walking will do. At the same time, for example, beagles are very active and will need long walks every day. In this case, for walking, you need to look for more space - a forest park or a field.

2. Features of behavior.

If the dog likes to bark, then it is necessary to have good soundproofing so that there are no problems with the neighbors. After all, ringing barking at night can adversely affect the quality of sleep.

3. Difficulties in care.

Some breeds of dogs require special care - for example, long-haired breeds need to be brushed regularly - otherwise the hair will end up on carpets and in linen.

4. Communication with the owner.

For a busy person, calm breeds are suitable, for which being alone with yourself is not a problem. If you are ready to devote a lot of time to the animal, then a mobile dog will not cause you trouble.

Thus, when thinking about which dog to choose for an apartment, it is important to consider not so much the size as the quality of the pet and the conditions for its upbringing.

Here are a few breeds that are great for apartment life.

Yorkshire Terrier

The Best Dog Breeds to Live in an Apartment

This is an excellent breed for keeping in apartment conditions. Yorkies do not shed, have a long coat without undercoat, are clean and odorless. However, it is very important to go for walks with your pet - the lack of movement negatively affects the mood and character of this breed.

The animals themselves are very mobile and friendly to family members. At the same time, they perform their security functions well and warn of the appearance of strangers.

Yorkshire Terriers are highly trainable, and their compact size makes it easy to take the dog on trips and travels.

Also, due to the quality of wool, it is easy for Yorkies to make a model haircut and achieve an impeccable coat condition.


The Best Dog Breeds to Live in an Apartment

This little dog can't stand being alone and needs frequent contact with its owner. Walks are also necessary, but short. Due to the fact that the animal is very small, it is important to make sure that the apartment is safe: for example, remove heavy things that, if dropped, can cause injury to the dog.

With such a pet, it is convenient to travel and live in an apartment with the rest of the family - the character of the animal is calm and friendly.

If you have children, the Chihuahua will gladly take part in the games with them. And if you are busy, the fluffy pet will not disturb you.

French Bulldog

The Best Dog Breeds to Live in an Apartment

These mobile and courageous dogs have a lively character and are easy to train. They will not bark just like that, and if necessary, they will notify the owner of the appearance of strangers.

If you have a small one-bedroom apartment, be aware that bulldogs can snore.

A big plus is that they are good with children and are not demanding in care. The only thing you need is enough attention.

Boston Terrier

The Best Dog Breeds to Live in an Apartment

These dogs are credited with an aristocratic character and a calm disposition. They practically do not bark and are not inclined to rush into conflicts.

The Boston Terrier is easy to train and the breed is great for an apartment.

Dogs are good with children and love to play together. If the owner is a busy person, this will not be a problem - these animals perfectly tolerate loneliness for several hours.

In the US, this breed is the most popular.


The Best Dog Breeds to Live in an Apartment

There are several breeds of setters: Irish, English and Scottish. Despite their differences, they also share common features. Because these dogs were bred to hunt, they made excellent companions. Animals have a calm disposition and cleanliness. And if you are a walker, then definitely make friends with your setter.

Also, setters are not aggressive and easily become attached to people.


The Best Dog Breeds to Live in an Apartment

Although dogs seem kind and clumsy, they can perfectly protect the territory from strangers. They are quite active, love long walks and various trainings. Since they usually have enough energy to throw out on the street, Shar-Peis will feel good in the limited space of an apartment.

It should be borne in mind that this breed has a rather complex character, training requires certain skills. The dog treats family members calmly, and may show aggression towards others. Also, sharpei can easily get into a fight with other dogs, so you should not let your child walk this pet alone.

Welsh Corgi Pempbrock

The Best Dog Breeds to Live in an Apartment

Surprisingly, these small and cute dogs were originally used for grazing. This became possible due to their very easy and fast learning and extraordinary devotion and obedience to their master. Now they no longer fulfill their shepherd functions, but their qualities have not gone away. And in combination with their compact size, they become an ideal option for living in an apartment.

Their incredible friendliness will also be a bonus - Corgis get along easily with other dogs and cats. They tenderly love the owner's family and are very attentive to children, protect them and become devoted friends.

Another pleasant character trait is the complete absence of mischief and vindictiveness.


The Best Dog Breeds to Live in an Apartment

If you're looking for an energetic and active companion, then the Beagle is the perfect dog for you. Her desire to explore the unknown will be felt on every walk, which means you will need to be just as active and monitor the movement of your dog so that mysterious smells do not take her too far.

By nature, this breed is very kind and cheerful. Beagles love to be surrounded by attention and be in the company of people. However, his excessive energy and curiosity can become a hindrance in training, so you will need to spend more time so that your dog knows the necessary commands and is obedient.

Small size, short coat and cleanliness make it a good choice for apartment living.

basset hound

The Best Dog Breeds to Live in an Apartment

This breed is distinguished by a calm disposition, her character is flexible. These dogs are devoted to their owner, but they are difficult to train, they have self-esteem, so the animal is unlikely to want to follow commands.

The great advantage of the breed is that no grooming is required other than occasional brushing.

Basset hounds get along well with children, are patient and lazy, and rarely show aggression. The dog does not need long walks.

Summing up

Many breeds of dogs are great for living in an apartment due to their small size and calm disposition.

At the same time, it must be borne in mind that in different conditions of detention, with a different number of family members and with different occupations of the owners, the dog will behave differently, regardless of the characteristics of the breed.

Having made the right choice and taking into account significant factors, you can live in harmony with your pet - and he will give you only positive emotions!

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