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Travel to Athens with a dog — pet-friendly attractions, walking tours and hotels

Travel to Athens with a dog — pet-friendly attractions, walking tours and hotels

Surely you have heard or even read about the ancient Greek myths. Gods and heroes of ancient Greece, as well as stories thousands of years old, bear traces of the national Greek culture and excite the imagination. Can you only imagine your feelings when you get to the places whose names are mentioned many times in myths and legends?

Even in the distant past, Athens determined many tendencies for European culture. This city is home to philosophers like Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, as well as doyens of drama like Aeschylus, Sophocles or Euripides. Walking your dog around Athens gives you a chance to feel ancient atmosphere and wisdom.

The best dog-friendly routes in Athens

Travel to Athens with a dog — pet-friendly attractions, walking tours and hotels

Start your walk with the main attraction of Athens - Acropolis. The high, flat-topped rock on which a classical Greek temple is built is probably the first thing that strikes you when you arrive in the capital. In the past, each city-state had its own acropolis, but the one in Athens is the best known for its size, architecture and numerous historical monuments from the past eras.

When walking your dog, you may notice that time has stopped in architectural forms. You can see that at the legendary Parthenon, Erechtheion or Temple of Athena Nike. Huge scale and monumentality of the buildings are impressive. Also you can enjoy the beautiful view of the whole city from the hill.

Next to the Acropolis is one of the most popular tourist attractions — the Temple of Hephaestus. This temple is one of the first buildings in Athens to be made of marble. When conducting excavations, archaeologists discovered that potters and blacksmiths lived in the vicinity of the temple. The Temple of Hephaestus is one of the most completely preserved buildings from ancient times.

Another historically important place in Athens is the Theater of Dionysus. This open-air attraction was built back in the 5th century BC!

It was here that plays by the then popular playwrights were performed for the first time. The size of the theater is amazing: the capacity can accommodate up to 17 thousand visitors. Now the Dionysus Theater is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

After a dog walk through the Acropolis, you can descend from the hill to the oldest district of Athens - Plaka. This part of the city has almost completely preserved its original appearance, so here you can clearly observe the peculiarities and unique color of Hellenic culture.

Stroll with your four-legged friend through the maze of narrow, shady alleys lined with green plants and flowers. Crossroads and angles are intertwined, forming an amazing pattern that connects the past and the present. Here you can see authentic Greek cottages and then stop by one of the many small cafes to enjoy Greek hospitality.

Walking through ancient Athens, you will come across the Tower of Winds. Not only is the tower a monument of history and beauty for at least a thousand years, it is also a working weather station that benefits the city today. Scientists believe that the Tower of the Winds was built at least in the 1st century BC.

The marble construction stands on a three-tiered platform. The roof of the tower is covered with ceramic fabric and gods of the winds are drawn on the friezes — precisely on the sides of the building from which the corresponding winds blow.

Travel to Athens with a dog — pet-friendly attractions, walking tours and hotels

In addition to the Acropolis, there is another panoramic point in Athens, from which a fantastic view of the city opens: it is Lycabettus Hill - the highest point in the city. From here you can see the buildings of the Acropolis, Olympieion, Panathenaic Stadium and Port of Piraeus. Also, Lycabettus Hill is an ideal place for watching the sunset.

Since Greece is a sea country, its entire history is linked to water forces. Take your dog and go to Piraeus port. A walk in this place is interesting not only because of the sea air and beautiful views. There you can also learn a lot about the history of the capital and see its modern life. You can also enjoy a fantastic view of the city from the promenade: white houses with a transparent blue sky in the background will definitely enchant you!

If you want to rest in peace, you can go to the National Garden of Athens. The garden is very easy to find — it's next to Sintagma Square, just behind the Parliament building. Here you will find shady avenues, a pond, ancient ruins, remains of columns and ancient mosaics.

Also we recommend you to visit Cape Sounion. Here you can watch a fairytale sunset at the ruins of the Temple of Poseidon together with your four-legged friend.

After long walks, you will definitely feel the desire to relax and sleep in comfortable conditions. Here we offer you a range of dog-friendly hotels in Athens.

Dog friendly hotels in Athens

Parnon Hotel athen dogs allowed

Parnon Hotel is located in the center of Athens. Tourist areas such as Acropolis, Plaka Monastiraki and Psiri are just a ten minute walk from the hotel.

Next to the hotel there is also a subway station and a lot of restaurants and shops where you can taste local cuisine.

In each hotel room there is a TV, air conditioning, a shower and an anatomical mattress.

Pets are accommodated free of charge.

Blend Hotel athen dogs allowed

The Blend Hotel is a fifteen minute walk from Monastiraki Square. In the immediate vicinity you will find such attractions as the commercial district on Ermou Street and the Agora.

The reception works 24/7. Guests can use the restaurant, as well as free Wi-Fi on the hotel premises.

The rooms have air conditioning, safe, TV and kettle. Also, each room is equipped with a desk, minibar and private bathroom with shower.

This hotel allows accommodation with 1 dog per room. The maximum weight of the dog should be 45 kg. Accommodation for animals is free of charge.

Athens Panorama Project athen dogs allowed

The dog-friendly Hotel Athens Panorama Project offers rooms with private balconies. You can also use a public terrace in the hotel, where you can comfortably relax with your four-legged friend in the fresh air. The reception works 24/7.

The rooms have a kettle, wardrobe, TV and private bathroom.

Within a 30 minute walk are the National Archaeological Museum of Athens and the National Theater of Greece.

Dogs can be accommodated in the hotel free of charge. However, the weight of a dog may not exceed 6 kg.

Airotel Alexandros Hotel athen dogs allowed

Airotel Alexandros is located in the center of Athens, next to Mavili Square. Guests have at their disposal a modern lobby bar, fitness room and billiard room.

The hotel rooms are furnished in an elegant style. You will find televisions with satellite channels, as well as tea and coffee making facilities. Some rooms have their own living area.

Every morning you can take freshly squeezed juices in bottles in the fridge next to the open kitchen. For lunch and dinner, the restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine, daily specials and fine house wines.

The hotel can accommodate dogs weighing up to 25 kg (max. 1 dog per room). Animals stay free of charge. Water and food bowls are available upon request.

Heritage Hill athen dogs allowed

On the premises of the dog-friendly Hotel Heritage Hill you will find a restaurant, a bar, a fitness center and a garden. The reception works 24/7, free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel territory.

In each room there is a private bathroom with shower, air conditioning, TV, wardrobe and coffee maker. Some rooms have a living area.

A buffet breakfast as well as a continental breakfast are served every morning.

Near the hotel are such popular sights as Onassis Cultural Center, Acropolis Museum and Olympieion.

Dog accommodation is free of charge. Water and food bowls are available upon request.

Grand Hyatt Athens athen dogs allowed

The dog-friendly Hotel Grand Hyatt Athens opened in August 2018 and is located next to the center of Athens, not far from the Acropolis.

There is a brand new spa center available for guests, as well as an atrium and pool on the roof, from which a beautiful view of the Acropolis opens. The rooms have air conditioning, modern conveniences and elegant furniture. There is a restaurant, fitness and spa center in the hotel.

In the hotel restaurants you can taste specialties of Mediterranean and Asian cuisine. In the stylish bar by the pool, as well as in the lobby bar you will find cocktails from the house.

Dogs with a maximum weight of 6 kg can be accommodated in this hotel. Accommodation for animals is free of charge.

Athens is a modern city with thousands of years of history. Here the ancient myths on the house walls come alive again in the form of graffiti. The local atmosphere and cuisine are unique here. A trip to Athens with a dog will be an unforgettable adventure where you will discover new pages of world history.

So take your dog to Athens and get acquainted with unique Mediterranean cuisine and atmosphere!

This article contains affiliate links, we may be rewarded if you make a booking. Thank you for your understanding, advertising allows us to do our work further and collect more useful information about traveling with pets in our articles.

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