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Travel to Nice with a dog — pet-friendly sights, walking tours, and hotels

Travel to Nice with a dog — pet-friendly sights, walking tours, and hotels

Nice is very diverse. This ancient city was founded back in 530 BC. That is why the medieval atmosphere reigns in the center of Nice: here you can stroll along the labyrinth of narrow streets with your dog, look at houses with red shingle roofs, relax in cozy cafes and walk past souvenir shops. In Nice you can immerse yourself in the past and enjoy the historical ambience.

The best dog-friendly routes from Nice

Travel to Nice with a dog — pet-friendly sights, walking tours, and hotels

We suggest you to start your trip with the city's main square - Place Masséna. There used to be a river here, which divided the square and the city into two parts. These parts of the city - Old Nice and New Nice - were connected by a bridge. After that, a major transformation of the city began: the river was hidden underground and the square became a fully pedestrian zone. Here, take your dog for a walk where tall palm and cedar trees grow, walk past typical Mediterranean cottages and listen to street musicians.

Then you go to the historic center of Nice, which has preserved the French color of the 19th century. The narrow streets of the old town are slowly turning into a labyrinth here, where cozy cafes and vintage shops are hidden on every corner. So you can have a break here somewhere for drink or souvenir shopping. On a long walk through these intertwined streets and alleys you will get to know real Nice.

If you look around carefully, you will notice that the surrounding buildings belong to different eras, giving the city a special charm.

In Nice there is a church similar to the legendary Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral. This is the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Nice. Besides the majestic facade and ingenious architecture, the gilded decor and stained glass windows are also worth noting.

Another attractive pedestrian square in Old Nice is Rossetti Square. The surrounding area features traditional red and yellow houses, the Sainte-Réparate Cathedral and a refreshing fountain in the center of the square. You can also relax on an open cafe terrace and enjoy taste of local ice cream. If you walk here in the evening, you will definitely be impressed by the night lighting and the sound of music everywhere.

Fans of unusual architecture will definitely appreciate the Eglise De Sainte Jeanne D`arc church. In the 1930s, reinforced concrete began to be used in construction. This material made it possible to create unique constructions. The architect Jacques Droz took advantage of this opportunity and designed this unique church in Art Deco style. It doesn't resemble any building in Nice: snow-white in colour, gentle arches like a flower bud. The Eglise De Sainte Jeanne D`arc will definitely impress you.

But not only old buildings can impress. Pass by the Museum of Modern Art in Nice! The building looks like a super modern fortress. The windowless towers were built using Carrara marble and are connected to each other by glass passages. There is a blooming garden on the roof. In the building style you can see neoclassical influence and elements of Sardinian town planning. Here you feel a special feeling of the monumentality that emanates from this house.

Provence is hard to imagine without colorful flowers and Nice is no exception. At the Cours Saleya market, you will be surrounded on all sides by magnificent flowers and it is always difficult to leave without buying at least one little thing. In addition, this market is a real temptation for gourmets: Here you will find a huge selection of spices, fresh fruits, different types of cheese and fine pastries. So you have almost no chance of leaving the «Cours Saleya» without shopping.

Travel to Nice with a dog — pet-friendly sights, walking tours, and hotels

Nice is located on the sea coast and that also gives the city a special colour. To best feel this colour, go to the harbour. In this lively part of the city you will see a lot of luxurious yachts and cars, so your walk will remind you of visiting an exclusive open-air fair.

Travel to Nice with a dog — pet-friendly sights, walking tours, and hotels

Continue with your four-legged friend in the direction of the Promenade des Anglais. Here you can enjoy fresh sea air, shady palm trees and the noble atmosphere of Nice. The most luxurious villas and hotels are located in this district. Here you will also find the world-famous Hotel Negresco, which was built in 1912 and was considered one of the best comfort hotels in the world for a long time. Even now, Negresco legally carries its 5 stars. The frame for the building's famous pink dome was produced in the Eifel factory.

Travel to Nice with a dog — pet-friendly sights, walking tours, and hotels

If you want to see the panorama of Nice from above, climb the Castle Hill. Despite the name, there is no longer a castle on the mountain - unfortunately it was destroyed a long time ago. However, the medieval old town, the Cathedral of St. Mary and the Belanda Tower have survived in the vicinity from the olden days. In addition to the historical sights, the beautiful park next to it with a breathtaking view of the sea is also highly recommended.

What could be nicer than a good rest after a long walk? Therefore we have prepared for you a list of dog-friendly hotels in Nice.

Dog friendly hotels in Nice

Hôtel Monsigny Nizze dogs allowed

The dog-friendly Hotel Monsigny Nice is located in the center of Nice, in the Gare de Provence Nord district. The highlight of this hotel is the fantastic panoramic view of the city. You can enjoy free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel grounds, have lunch and dinner in the restaurant or bar, or relax on the sun terrace.

Each room has air conditioning, TV and marble bathroom. All the necessary bathroom items are at guests' disposal.

The promenades on Mirabeau and Willermont streets, which are a few minutes' walk from the hotel, are suitable for walking with a dog.

Dogs with a maximum weight of 5 kg are welcome in the hotel. Dog accommodation costs EUR 5 per night.

Hôtel Nice Azur Riviera Nizze dogs allowed

Hotel Nice Azur Riviera is located within walking distance from the Du-Centenaire beach. The reception works 24/7, in the hotel there is a bar and a lounge zone. You can use free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel territory. Special non-smoking rooms are available.

The rooms have all the necessary conditions for a comfortable stay: air conditioning, work desk, TV, kettle, minibar, safe and private bathroom with shower.

If you like walking your dog in the park in the morning, you may like the promenade on Rue d'Italie, which is a 5-minute walk from the hotel.

Dogs with a maximum weight of 8 kg are welcome in the hotel. Accommodation per pet costs 12 EURO/night. A returnable deposit of 150 EURO will also be taken.

Hôtel Aston La Scala Nizze dogs allowed

The dog-friendly Hotel Aston La Scala is located in the center of Nice, just a few minutes' walk from Place Masséna and in the immediate vicinity of the Promenade des Anglais, the beach and the old town. On the hotel roof with panoramic views you will find a terrace, an open pool and a bar. From the rooms there is a fantastic view of the Promenade du Peillon park.

All rooms have modern furnishings and are upgraded with good soundproofing. Each room has air conditioning, internet and TV. In some rooms there is also a balcony and a minibar.

Accommodation for a dog costs 30 EURO/night.

Novotel Nice Centre Vieux Nizze dogs allowed

The dog-friendly hotel Novotel Nice Center Vieux Nice is located in the central part of Nice.

Guests can enjoy the open-air heated rooftop pool with panoramic city views. You can also use the solarium and the terrace.

To take your four-legged friend for a walk in the Promenade du Paillon park, you only need 10 minutes on foot.

All rooms have air conditioning, TV, safe and mini fridge. In the morning there are 4 types of breakfast to choose from. In the local restaurant you can enjoy Mediterranean specialties made from natural products.

Dogs are very welcome in this hotel. Accommodation per dog costs 15 EURO/night. Food and water bowls are available upon request.

Boscolo Nice Hôtel & Spa dogs allowed

This Art Nouveau hotel is a 10-minute walk from the Promenade des Anglais and the old town. Place Masséna is also nearby. The shady avenues around the square are perfect for rest and walks with the dog.

Beach holiday fans are welcome to discover the adjacent beach. If you prefer a comfortable holiday, you can use the indoor swimming pool with heated water and the roof terrace with a fascinating panoramic view.

Spa and fitness center, as well as the billiard room are at your disposal free of charge.

Smoking is forbidden on the whole hotel territory!

Pets are accommodated free of charge (max. 1 pet weighing up to 10 kg per room).

We got to know the best dog-friendly spots and attractions in Nice that reflect the flavor of Provence and the Côte d'Azur. Here you can also feel the bohemian life of Hollywood stars, enjoy authentic architecture and immerse yourself in the historical atmosphere of the region.

Discover the city, visit cafes and stay in good hotels with your dog: Nice has all the conditions for that!

This article contains affiliate links, we may be rewarded if you make a booking. Thank you for your understanding, advertising allows us to do our work further and collect more useful information about traveling with pets in our articles.

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