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Travel to Prague with a dog. Walking routes, sights and pet-friendly hotels in Prague

Travel to Prague with a dog. Walking routes, sights and pet-friendly hotels in Prague

Prague is constantly surprising: with every step you come across fascinating architectural masterpieces that can be depicted on souvenir postcards or as a wallpaper of smartphones. Prague is a hub of art, which is why the Czech capital attracts tourists interested in music, architecture and history.

Ancient bridges and cathedrals, solid towers and gleaming vaults, Vltava waters, authentic courtyards — Prague has it all.

What could be nicer than strolling the cobbled streets with the dog and then taking a break in a cozy café with a panoramic view?

To help you get a better idea of what to do in Prague with your four-legged friend, we've selected the best pet-friendly attractions and hotels for you.

Prague with a dog: walking routes and places worth seeing

Let's start our acquaintance with Prague from the heart of the city — the Old Town, which in Czech is called Staré Město. This district contains so many sights that your camera can really overheat from numerous shots. So take a good mood and lots of energy with you to discover the beauties of the Czech capital together with your four-legged friend.

Travel to Prague with a dog. Walking routes, sights and pet-friendly hotels in Prague

The population lived in this place a thousand years ago. The architecture of the old town changed with the change of era: Gothic houses were replaced by Renaissance-style villas, and these were later supplanted by Baroque palaces. Today, beneath the cobbled streets, lies a previous level of construction with cellars, basements and ancient labyrinths of streets.

The Old Town Square or Staroměstské náměstí is the central point of the old town. In the olden days there was a lively market here, gathering craftsmen, traders, art masters and merchants with goods from all over the world. The square is surrounded by buildings of all architectural styles from different eras - from rococo to baroque, from renaissance to gothic, from classicism to avant-garde. Fantastically beautiful streets branch off from the Old Town Square, which have almost completely retained their original appearance.

Here on this square is the old town hall, which was still in the XIII. century was created. A hundred years later a chapel was added to the tower of the town hall and even later the astronomical clock - orloj appeared. Every hour the secret clockwork is turned on, after the chime of the bell 12 apostles appear and figures representing human sins move behind them. If you're right next to the clock with your dog, be sure to stop to watch this mechanical show.

Next to it is one of the most monumental and majestic buildings - the Church of the Virgin Mary before Tyn, or the Tyn Church, which is already seven centuries old. The pointed church towers are visible from every point of Prague. The Tyn Church was built over the course of two centuries. During this time several rulers have changed. Architectural styles and directions changed as well, which affected the final appearance.

Travel to Prague with a dog. Walking routes, sights and pet-friendly hotels in Prague

After that we go to the important symbol of Prague – Charles Bridge. This medieval bridge connects two historical districts - Prague Old Town and Lesser Town. A massive tower with a Gothic arch rises on the eastern side. Above are coats of arms with countries of the Holy Roman Empire and portrait busts of kings.

The highlight of the Charles Bridge are 30 baroque sculptures that stand along the railing. They were built for 30 years and represent saints and legendary figures especially honored in the Czech Republic. The most famous of them is the bronze statue of St. John of Nepomuk — the patron saint of Prague and the whole country.

Today, Charles Bridge is a pedestrian zone, where many artists, souvenir sellers and guides always gather. Be sure to take a walk across this bridge to feel the magical atmosphere of old Prague.

Travel to Prague with a dog. Walking routes, sights and pet-friendly hotels in Prague

At the other end of the Charles Bridge is Prague's Lesser Quarter or Mala Strana — one of the most beautiful and particularly picturesque districts of the Czech capital. Here buildings from the XVIII. Century preserved: Fairytale houses with red shingle roofs, amazingly beautiful churches, magnificent palaces, as well as gardens, squares and narrow streets.

Lesser Town is joined by Prague Castle — a kind of “city within a city” that is considered the center of the Czech capital. This castle complex was entered in the Guinness Book of Records for its huge area of 70 thousand square meters. Here are historical palaces, ancient cathedrals and chapels, galleries, towers and museums, as well as the famous «Golden Lane». Prague Castle is the seat of the government of the Czech Republic.

Here you can see St. Vitus Cathedral — a masterpiece of Gothic architecture and a symbol of the Czech capital. Its history begins in the 14th century. Over the course of several centuries, the cathedral was continuously supplemented and reworked until it got its current unique appearance.

If you leave Prague Castle over the Prašný Most Bridge or through the eastern gate at Queen Anna's Summer Palace (also called the Summer Palace or Belvedere), you will find yourself in the Royal Garden. Art exhibitions are often organized here and in front of the entrance there is the Singing Fountain, which was cast from bell bronze with the addition of precious metals. Its spray jets are directed upwards and fall on the thin rim of a shallow bowl, creating a delicate melody.

Walk your dog along the adjoining avenue, further along the chasm that separates the park from the castle walls. This path takes you to the orangery with glass walls through which you can see tropical plants.

After you have looked enough at strictly aligned and straight lines in architecture and you are looking for something creative, then go to the so-called Dancing House. This unique building belongs to the deconstructivist style. The house is reminiscent of the couple who stopped dancing. The part of the house spreading upwards symbolizes a man, and the second - a woman with a thin waist and a fluttering skirt, hugging her dance partner.

And one more point of Prague worth seeing, which is also associated with dances — fountains Křižíkova Fontána. They are called "singing fountains", but it would be more correct to call them "dancing ones". Not only fountains dance in this place, but also real dance professionals who attract numerous spectators from all over the Czech Republic.

If you cannot imagine your trip without souvenirs and souvenirs, we recommend you to visit Havelska Street. The street connects two squares – Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square. Since the thirteenth In the 19th century, there was an ancient city market here, where the women of Prague used to buy ingredients for making their dumplings, potato pancakes and other Czech specialties. Over time, all other similar markets in the city have been closed and this one is still alive.

Today's range of goods on the market is a little different than in those days. There are still many natural products from private farms, but numerous shops selling Czech glass products, various handmade items, antiques or souvenirs are open especially on weekends. This city market is among the top 5 places in the world where you can find real rarities.

If you want to spend time in nature, you don't necessarily have to go to the country. Within Prague, the Prokop Valley is waiting for you — a green corner between the suburbs of Jinonice, Barrandov and Zlíchov. There is everything here to enjoy activities in picturesque nature — dense bushes, steep cliffs, noisy river current, winding paths, picnic areas, as well as water springs, caves, ruins and viaducts. We are sure that you and your four-legged friend will appreciate the walk in this place!

Travel to Prague with a dog. Walking routes, sights and pet-friendly hotels in Prague

You can also visit Kinsky Park, which is closer to the city. Angular avenues bordered with dense bushes lead to two artificial parts with decorative waterfall in between. It's extremely quiet here, so you can hear birdsong and leaf rustling, and enjoy some peace and quiet on a bench. This is a real oasis of well-being.

You can continue your secluded and relaxed rest in one of Prague's cozy hotels. Here are some of the city's dog-friendly hotels. You just have to choose what suits your desires the most.

The best pet friendly hotels in Prague

Central Hotel Prague Dogs Allowed

The Central Hotel Prague suits well for tourists who want to reach the sights quickly. Nearby are Republic Square, Kotva Shopping Mall, Palladium Shopping Mall, and Old Town Square with famous astronomical clocks and other highlights.

In the hotel rooms guests have at their disposal a safe, TV, Wi-Fi, private bathroom with hairdryer and free toiletries. Fridges are also available in some rooms.

In the morning you can enjoy a continental breakfast at the hotel, especially if you like fruit, or taste a breakfast menu in one of the nearby cafes.

You can also relax in the hotel lobby bar and have a cup of coffee, tea or a cocktail there.

Dogs are always welcome at the Central Hotel Prague (max. 1 animal per room). Accommodation per dog costs 250 CZK/night.

Hotel Adler Prague Dogs Allowed

If you prefer quiet places, you will surely like the dog-friendly Hotel Adler. The house is situated in the quiet center of Prague, not far from the historical district, near Wenceslas Square. The hotel is an excellent starting point for getting to know the sights of the «Golden City».

The hotel staff speaks your language, so you can really feel at home there.

The rooms are equipped with comfortable beds, TV, kettle, minibar, private bathroom and of course free Wi-Fi. Tea and coffee bags are also available.

In the morning the hotel offers a rich continental breakfast and during the day there is a free buffet where you can take coffee, tea and fresh pastries.

This hotel is pet friendly. The price of accommodation per animal is 10 EUR/night.

Hotel Clement Prague Dogs Allowed

The dog-friendly Hotel Clement is located in the historic center of Prague, on the bank of the Vltava River, near the Palladium shopping mall. The Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square are a few minutes walk.

All hotel rooms are air-conditioned, underfloor heating; TV, bathroom equipped with hairdryer and free Wi-Fi. Guests are also provided with tea and coffee making facilities, as well as a hair dryer and shampoo.

Every morning at the Hotel Clement a rich breakfast buffet is served (pastries, many cheeses, traditional yoghurts, toasts, strudel and various fruits such as kiwi, pineapple, melon, grapefruit and others.

Accommodation per dog costs 15 EURO/night (max. 1 animal per room).

Hotel Ariston & Ariston Patio Prague Dogs Allowed

The five-star Пятизвёздочный Iron Gate Hotel and Suites is located in the center of the Old Town on a picturesque cobbled street, a few minutes' walk from Old Town Square, near many famous sights.

The hotel building was built in the XV. It was built in the 19th century and is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Antique furniture creates the romantic atmosphere of historical Prague.

Spacious rooms and suites are executed in an individual magnificent design. So you can choose an interior to your liking. The beds in all rooms are very comfortable and cozy.

The hotel has a quaint and tranquil courtyard. There is also the Deer Prague restaurant with a wide selection of dishes and drinks. After a long walk, rest here is a real pleasure.

Dogs weighing up to 15 kg are welcome in the hotel. The accommodation price per dog is 20 EURO/night. Food and water bowls can be provided on request.

Prague is rich in bridges, palaces, monuments and architectural masterpieces. This way you can look at a sight for a very long time and it will never be boring.

That was an overview of the best pet-friendly places in Prague. We hope that this route was interesting for you and your four-legged friend.

Take your dog with you to Prague! Discover together the old town architecture, interesting buildings and facilities. Feel the atmosphere of the past centuries!

This article contains affiliate links, we may be rewarded if you make a booking. Thank you for your understanding, advertising allows us to continue our work and collect more useful information about traveling with pets in our articles.

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