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Travel to The Hague with a dog. Tips for walking routes, sights and hotels in The Hague

Travel to The Hague with a dog. Tips for walking routes, sights and hotels in The Hague

The Hague is the second largest city in the Netherlands and the political center of the country: here is the seat of government and the international UN court, here is also the royal residence. But the city is not only known for this. Tourists admire the diversity of architecture, a large number of old buildings and, of course, a special atmosphere that makes you feel the history of the country very clearly.

In the city you will find many typical Dutch Renaissance houses from the XVII. Century, as well as classical and baroque buildings from XVIII. Century. A little far from the city there are neat houses from the 19th century. Century Art Nouveau.

The Hague has many pedestrian streets — so you can always find space to walk your dog and admire the city architecture.

All you need here is to know suitable places. We have taken care of that and have prepared a walking route for you and your dog that will help you see the most interesting things in the city.

Travel to The Hague with a dog. Tips for walking routes, sights and hotels in The Hague

City walk in The Hague: The best pet-friendly sights

The acquaintance with The Hague can be started with Binnenhof. This is an ensemble of buildings in the city center whose history dates back to the 13th century. century begins. At that time, a small hunting lodge was built here on the orders of a Dutch count. Now the main legislative body of the state — States General — gathers here.

Travel to The Hague with a dog. Tips for walking routes, sights and hotels in The Hague

The sights of The Hague are filled with glorious knightly atmosphere of the past. This can be observed particularly clearly in the example of Ridderzaal. The name is translated from Dutch as "knight's hall". Ridderzaal is part of Binnenhof, and numerous festive events are held here every year.

Next to the Binnenhof is the cozy square Plein. The square is bordered with government buildings made according to an individual project. In the center of the square is the monument to Prince William I of Orange, leader of the Dutch independence movement in the XVI century. century.

Various markets where you can buy books and antiquarian bookshops often operate on this square. You can also see musicians and actors there. This gives you an excellent opportunity to feel the cultural characteristics of the city.

This square will be joined by the Resident quarter, where you can walk your dog. In the past, this district was not popular at all, but vice versa. There stood very similar typical houses, which were always a subject of jokes. Some time later a new district was built in their place and today de Resident is considered one of the most beautiful districts of The Hague with elite houses and super modern business centers. In the middle of the quarter stands a building with two pointed roofs, which the locals call "The Hague's breast".

After visiting this prestigious district, go to the St. James Church De Sint-Jacobskerk. It is also called De Grote Kerk – Great Church. This is a traditional place for baptisms of newborn royals of the Netherlands. Like Binnenhof, the Jakobskirche is one of the oldest buildings in the city and is often depicted on souvenirs.

Now you can stroll along the scenic Lange Voorhout with your dog. This is a good place for walking, new impressions and rest. On this street you will see a lot of historic buildings from XVIII. Century. Large companies and organizations are located in most of them. Walk past the Escher Museum, then to the monument to Prince Bernhard Heinrich of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach, over the Dutch High Council building and the Embassy of Great Britain.

Another attractive place here is the Hague Tower. That's what the skyscraper is called next to the railway station "Den Haag HS" and the Chinese Quarter. The tower height is 132 meters. Although the Hague Tower is the third tallest building in The Hague, it attracts many tourists.

After you get a good view of the city center, drive to Scheveningen. This is a resort near The Hague on the North Sea coast. Scheveningen is known for its sandy beaches with excellent opportunities for kite and windsurfing. Here you can also visit museums, the oceanarium and the circus theater, as well as walk in the miniature park Madurodam. In the 19th In the 19th century, what is now Scheveningen was a fishing village, until one of the enterprising locals came up with the idea of quietly taking brine baths from the wealthy townsfolk. Since that time, the village has become immensely popular.

Travel to The Hague with a dog. Tips for walking routes, sights and hotels in The Hague

A stroll along the beach can be combined with a visit to Scheveningen Pier. The pier is a multi-level construction that extendselevated above the water. From there, a fantastic view of the North Sea opens up.

After breathing in the salty air and playing with your dog enough on the beach, you can head to Westbrook Park. In the summer, a myriad of roses bloom here, so the air in the area is filled with an enchanting aroma. During this period, the park is crowded with visitors, while in other seasons it is completely silent and calm. Here you will find a lake, several children's playgrounds and well-groomed avenues for walks.

Besides Scheveningen, there is another North Sea resort near The Hague — Kijkduin. It's not that popular, but it's worth seeing - at least because of the fascinating dune landscapes and romantic sea views.

After coastal walks with the dog, our way goes to the Peace Palace. The UN International Court and the Arbitrage Court are located in this building. According to The Hague's official tourist website, the courthouse is considered the most photographed object in the city. In 2002 the Eternal Peace Fire was lit in front of the Peace Palace. The following phrase is written on the nearby monument: «May all beings find their way into peace». In 2004 the "Path of World Peace" was published. The path consists of 196 large and small stones, symbolizing 196 countries.

Travel to The Hague with a dog. Tips for walking routes, sights and hotels in The Hague

Another palace — Huis ten Bosch — is located in the Park расположен в парке Haagse-Bos in the northern part of The Hague. The palace is built in traditional Dutch style, this is still a working royal residence. The monarchs spent most of their time in Huis ten Bosch and not in their other castles. You will like the walk not only because of the beautiful architecture, but also because of the beauty of the local park.

However, there is one more park - the Clingendael, which is said to be even more beautiful. In the center is the country house from the XVII. Century, surrounded by a beautiful garden in classic French style. The territory belongs to the city, so the entrance for tourists is free. The green zone is split into a few parts and includes Dutch and Japanese gardens, rosarium, rhododendron meadow, woodland and pasture. There are pedestrian paths next to the park avenues, where it is nice to walk on a sunny day.

Although The Hague is rich in parks and green spaces, it is very lively and dynamic. If you need rest, then you can walk your dog in the Hague Forest. Hague Forest is a park in the central part of the city with a total area of 100 hectares. This is a popular spot for an exhilarating morning jog, as well as for leisurely daytime strolls. If you turn into the park from city routes, you will end up in a green area among trees, flowers and birdsong.

After an active and long walk you need a good place to relax. And we have an offer for you! Here we have collected the best pet-friendly hotels in The Hague.

Pet-friendly hotels in The Hague

ibis Styles Den Haag Scheveningen Hague Dogs Allowed

This dog-friendly hotel is right next to the beach. So you always have the opportunity for activities in the fresh air. There is a tram stop in front of the hotel, from where you can get to the city center in a few minutes. If you prefer long walks, you can easily reach the center on foot.

All rooms have TV, hairdryer and Wi-Fi.

Guests can spend their time on the cozy hotel terrace or in the stylish lounge bar, which is open until late at night.

In the morning a buffet is served in the breakfast room on the ground floor: among other things, the buffet includes tea, coffee, a selection of juices, sandwiches and desserts.

During the day you can make yourself a cup of coffee or tea for free.

Pets are welcome at this hotel. Accommodation for a dog costs EUR 20 per night.

Paleis Hotel Hague Dogs Allowed

Another very good pet friendly hotel in the heart of The Hague. In the immediate vicinity are the best shops and exclusive restaurants, as well as some sights.

Every little thing is provided in this hotel: from tea bags to slippers. The rooms are tastefully furnished, making it pleasant to spend an evening there. The bedding is made from 100% Egyptian cotton, so you are always guaranteed a healthy and comfortable sleep.

In your room you can set a comfortable temperature individually: there is adjustable heating and air conditioning. The floor in the bathroom is also heated.

At breakfast, hot pastries, different cheeses, fresh yoghurts, muesli, cold drinks and good coffee are available to choose from.

Dogs weighing up to 25 kg are welcome at Hotel Paleis. Accommodation costs 19.50 EURO/night.

Van der Valk Hotel Den Haag Wassenaar Dogs Allowed

The dog friendly hotel Van der Valk Den Haag Wassenaar is located not far from the city center. Nearby you will find the circus theatre, Madurodam miniature park, as well as the public transport stop, from which you can quickly reach the city center and the Duinrell adventure park.

The hotel rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi and bathroom with shower. In the morning, a breakfast buffet is served to guests.

You can also have lunch or dinner in the hotel restaurant or spend time with your four-legged friend on the cozy terrace.

Dogs weighing up to 20 kg are welcome in the hotel. Accommodation for a dog costs 10 EURO per night. Up to two animals can be accommodated in one room.

Novotel Den Haag World Forum Dogs Allowed

The Hotel Novotel Den Haag World Forum is located in the building of the Dutch congress center World Forum. From here you can easily reach the beach in Scheveningen or the center of The Hague by public transport.

Hotel guests are accommodated in cozy rooms with TV, tea and coffee making facilities, minibar and internet connection. The hotel also has its own restaurant.

For extra payment you can also use the wellness center with massage, sauna and fitness room.

Accommodation for a dog costs 15 EURO/night.

Hilton The Hague Dogs Allowed

Hotel Hilton The Hague is located in the central part of the city - in the embassy district of The Hague, in the immediate vicinity of the shopping district. The Royal Palace Noordeinde is a few minutes' walk away. Scheveningen beach can be reached very quickly by tram or bike.

This pet-friendly hotel has spacious rooms and suites with a desk, TV, private bathroom with bath and shower, where complimentary toiletries are provided.

The hotel restaurant has a good selection of food and drinks. Here you can comfortably spend time chatting and sharing your impressions of walking and sightseeing with other guests.

Dogs weighing up to 34 kg can be accommodated at Hilton The Hague. Food and water bowls are available upon request. The one-off payment is 45 EURO per animal.

The Hague is a city of contrasts. On the one hand, the new districts are built up with modern houses, on the other hand, you can find here a lot of castles, palaces and other historical buildings that have hardly changed after several centuries.

This city is a great place to spend time - there are always plenty of opportunities for walking, eating and living. Many pet-friendly places make The Hague particularly attractive for traveling with dogs.

Stroll along the beaches, quiet parks and forested areas with your four-legged friend, visit the most important sights, stroll along the most beautiful streets and alleys... You will surely like it!

This article contains affiliate links, we may be rewarded if you make a booking. Thank you for your understanding, advertising allows us to do our work further and collect more useful information about traveling with pets in our articles.

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