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Traveling to Barcelona with Your Dog. Dog-friendly Hotels in Barcelona

Traveling to Barcelona with Your Dog. Dog-friendly Hotels in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and the entire world. It’s a place that is often described as explosive, crazy, and stunning! The reputation is well deserved, because this city has all the ingredients a person needs to have an exciting, vibrant life: plenty of sunshine, the warm sea, a variety of attractions, a rich history, and unique architecture. Sip some sangria, taste the tapas, watch the sunset, ride a bike with your pet… Barcelona is a place that leaves a lasting impression!

To make your vacation more comfortable, we’ve put together a sightseeing itinerary that both you and your four-legged friend will enjoy. This is a walk you can take without any restrictions!

Where to Go in Barcelona with Your Dog: The most interesting walking routes

We recommend getting familiar with the city by starting from the Sagrada Familia. This gorgeous building is located in the Eixample district. Famous architect Antoni Gaudi began making sketches of the structure in 1884, and it soon became his life’s work. However, he never saw his masterpiece completed; the church remains unfinished to this day. But even in its current form, its dimensions and atmosphere will leave you breathless.

Traveling to Barcelona with Your Dog. Dog-friendly Hotels in Barcelona

Once you've seen the city’s most recognizable symbol, you can make your way over to the spacious Plaça de Catalunya, where the streets ‘Passeig de Gracia’ and ‘La Rambla’ meet. This is a very popular meet up spot for local residents. You and your dog can quench your thirst here by drinking from the free fountains (it is believed that this guarantees a speedy return to Barcelona). The main fountain is in the center of the square surrounded by several monuments.

The most famous street in Spain, La Rambla, begins at this square and stretches to Port Vell. This boulevard is always alive with a spirit of joy and celebration. As a pedestrian street, this is a place where you can walk safely and leisurely as you admire the shops selling flowers, souvenirs, and candy. You will see mimes and street performers. Lining both sides of the street are buildings from the 16th-18th centuries in their original styles, including museums, theaters, commercial buildings, and residential buildings.

La Rambla ends at a huge square near the city harbor featuring the Christopher Columbus Monument. Here you can breathe in the salty sea air, take a photo with your beloved dog, and admire the ships as you sip a latte in a cozy cafe.

Traveling to Barcelona with Your Dog. Dog-friendly Hotels in Barcelona

Not far from La Rambla is the Boquería market, where you can witness first-hand how the Spaniards love to eat well. La Boquería is worth visiting not just for the food. The authentic atmosphere of old Catalonia is what sets this place apart from the other markets in Barcelona. Here you come to understand the rich blessings of the Mediterranean: new potatoes (four harvests a year is normal for Spain), local and exotic fruits, and of course, freshly squeezed juices.

The sheer variety of nuts, dried fruits, and spices in La Boqueria is enough to amaze even the most experienced chef. The market always seems to offer something new and unusual.

After snacking on fruit and shopping for souvenirs, head over to the Gothic Quarter to admire some real Catalan architecture. Consider this an open-air museum where you can gaze at an incredible variety of Gothic-style buildings. This was the original site of the Roman village of Barcino, which gave rise to the city we see today.

Buildings from the 14th-16th centuries, as well as some buildings from antiquity, have survived to this day. Fragments of a Roman wall can be seen between the streets Carrer de la Tapineria and del Sots-Tinent Navarro, and in the middle is the Cathedral of Saint Eulalia. Most of the streets in this area are very narrow and winding, and therefore closed to traffic, giving this place a special atmosphere.

Traveling to Barcelona with Your Dog. Dog-friendly Hotels in Barcelona

Having enjoyed some ancient architecture, it is time to see some buildings in the Modern Style. Make your way to the “Casa Mila”, built by Gaudí. This residence was one of the first buildings of the early 20th century to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Interestingly, the people of Barcelona were not initially fond of Gaudi’s latest creation. This peculiar house was nicknamed “La Pedrera”, meaning “the stone quarry”, for its rough-hewn facade with uneven lines. Today, however, the Casa Mila is considered a masterpiece of architecture. Every tourist seems to want a photo of it in the background when they visit Spain.

Just as recognizable is the Casa Batllo, one of Antoni Gaudi’s most unusual works. This house does not feature a single straight line; even the pipes on the roof have intricate shapes. It is said that Gaudi took his inspiration for this building from nature itself.

But Gaudi didn’t just build houses. Another famous creation of his is the fabulous Park Güell. Be sure to walk your dog here and enjoy the gingerbread houses and cute mosaic sculptures.

Then take a stroll through the luxurious Ciutadella Park - 75 acres of scenic views harmoniously interlaced with architectural structures. It is located in Ciutat Vella, or “the Old City” in English. The famous Arc de Triomf of Barcelona stands in front of the central entrance to the park on Passeig de Lluis Companys. This is a fascinating place for tourists as well as a symbol of freedom for citizens of the capital of Catalonia.

After being in the hot city, you can go up to Montjuic, where you will find a whole collection of interesting sights, like the Montjuic fortress and tower, and the Magic Fountain of Barcelona - a futuristic musical fountain with beautiful lights to be seen at night.

Adjacent to the hill of Montjuic is the Spanish Village, a complex of outdoor buildings that showcases architecture from all parts of the country. At the entrance you will see the medieval fortress gates from Avila, after which you will find yourself on the main square surrounded by buildings from the Castile and Aragon regions. You can then walk along the streets of the Andalusian, Basque, Galician, Balearic, Valencian, and Catalan quarters. There are over a hundred authentic buildings here. Each building features various craft shops on the first floor, where you can buy real handmade mantillas, pick up a Toledo blade as a souvenir, choose from embroidered textiles, ceramics, and of course, world famous sangria and extra virgin olive oil. The parks on Montjuic are beautiful green alleys for walking in the shade of palm trees - a great place to meander with your dog.

Across from Montjuic is another famous mountain - Tibidabo. The architectural gem of this mountain is the Church of the Sacred Heart with a statue of Christ on top. The view from here is truly mesmerizing. You’ll want to take dozens of photos of the Catalan capital from 1600 feet up!

Traveling to Barcelona with Your Dog. Dog-friendly Hotels in Barcelona

We completely understand if you’re a little tired from walking at this point! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our list of excellent dog-friendly hotels.

Hotels in Barcelona that Accept Tourists with Dogs

Hotel Continental Barcelona dog friendly hotel

The 3-star Hotel Continental is located on La Rambla next to Placa de Catalunya. Accommodations include a clean, cozy room with a refrigerator and a fast Wi-Fi network. Continental buffet-style breakfast is available at any time of the day.

The rooms have air conditioning, a TV, a microwave, a set of dishes and a refrigerator where you can store food from the buffet.

The reception desk is open 24/7, and there is a currency exchange office.

There is an additional fee of 15 euros per day for guests with a dog.

Catalonia Passeig de Gràcia pet friednly hotel in Barcelona

As the name suggests, the Catalonia Passeig de Gràcia is located next to Barcelona's Passeig de Gràcia. This 4-star hotel features an outdoor pool, a free gym, and stylish rooms with Wi-Fi.

There is a gastropub and a bar where you can order cocktails and snacks. In the afternoon, guests are treated to free drinks and small finger foods.

The Casa Batlló is a 10-minute walk, and Casa Mila is a 15-minute walk. The Palace of Catalan Music is just a 7-minute walk away.

Pets up to 45lbs are allowed in the room at a cost of 20 euros per night per pet. A refundable deposit of 200 euros is required upon check-in.

Ocean Drive Barcelona dog friendly hotel

Ocean Drive Barcelona (5 stars) is located in the Eixample district.

Every room has air conditioning and a TV. The hotel also features an outdoor pool and a restaurant serving international cuisines. There is also a lovely terrace.

The hotel serves a buffet-style breakfast in the mornings.

The front desk is open 24/7.

If you would like to stay in this hotel with your dog, be sure to notify an administrator ahead of time. The maximum allowable weight for pets is 15 pounds. The fee for staying with a pet is 35 euros per day, which comes with food and water bowls.

Not only is Barcelona diverse in terms of its architecture and monuments. This city is also famous for the richness and quality of its cuisine. There are dishes for every palate and appetite. We recommend you find out for yourself by dining in one of several dog-friendly restaurants.

Cafes and Restaurants in Barcelona that Allow Dogs

Tropico Brunch Barcelona

This is a quiet dog-friendly cafe with accommodating staff and relaxing music. The menu features many non-alcoholic fruit cocktails and desserts.

The generous portions here will certainly help you gather the energy for more adventures around the city. Try a tomato, mango, and mozzarella salad, and be sure to taste one of their refreshing smoothies. For dessert, we recommend the crepes with various toppings.

The best tables are at the back of the dining hall overlooking the courtyard.

You and your pet are both welcome at this cafe, perfect for putting you in a tropical mood!

Address: Carrer Marques de Barbera, 24, 08001, Barcelona

Little Fern

This is an excellent restaurant that serves brunch as well as lunch and dinner.

Want something unusual? Try the fritters stuffed with crispy savory kimchi, sprinkled with fennel, and drizzled with mayonnaise.

Some say they have the best oat milk latte in town!

The atmosphere is very laid-back and comfortable. The establishment’s calm, soothing design will help you restore your mental strength and get inspired for more exploring!

Address: Carrer Pere IV 168, 08005, Barcelona

El Jardi

This is a cozy, atmospheric cafe in a garden, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Day or night, spending time here is always a pleasure. Enjoy the relaxing, laid-back music as you sip a cup of coffee or a cocktail.

The building’s ancient walls shield you from the noise of the crowds outside, allowing you to enjoy peace and tranquility. It is especially pleasant to sit here in the evening and drink from their selection of fresh juices.

In addition to good beverages, the menu features a variety of appetizers and salads: gazpacho, potatoes, pasta, sandwiches - there’s something for every foodie!

Address: C/ de L'Hospital, 56, Biblioteca de Catalunya, 08001, Barcelona

We can’t praise Barcelona enough. It's a very dog-friendly city with plenty of walkable space - the sea, the mountains, and quiet streets. The city’s historical heritage is closely intertwined with the uniqueness and hospitality of the Spaniards.

Come enjoy Barcelona with your dog. Study the architecture, feel the European atmosphere, and bask in the vibrancy of life that permeates every building here!

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