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Traveling to Dubrovnik with your dog, Dubrovnik hotels for pets

Traveling to Dubrovnik with your dog, Dubrovnik hotels for pets

Crystal clear sea water, pleasant Mediterranean climate, islands with lush greenery - all this opens up when you visit the pearl of the Adriatic - the Croatian city of Dubrovnik. The colorful historical center, cathedrals, palaces, ancient streets - this is a rich heritage of many centuries of the existence of this city.

We will tell you about the best dog-friendly sights to visit with your dog in Dubrovnik.

To Dubrovnik with a dog: walking routes around the city

You need to start, of course, with a visit to the fortress walls. Six meters wide and twenty-five meters high, these walls create a rather convincing feeling of security and protection. This attraction has been surrounding the entire quarter of the Old City since the thirteenth century and has been constantly strengthened and improved. Walking on its peaks, you will surely recognize the landscapes and settings that often flash in films and TV shows, especially in the Game of Thrones. And besides the city, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the harbor and the Adriatic Sea.

The feeling that you are in a movie will increase as you start to go deeper into the winding streets and alleys of the Old City. Everything here is saturated with a special atmosphere that simply knocks out of the usual reality. Arrange a quest for yourself and your furry pet and find Plaza Street or Stradun, as it is also called. This street is decorated with limestone, and around it are large old houses in the same style. This is the result of purposeful work on the implementation of the architectural plan. On this street you can buy memorable souvenirs, eat delicious desserts, or take a walk with the locals to the 15th century bell tower, which is installed on Lojan Square at the end of Stradun Street.

Traveling to Dubrovnik with your dog, Dubrovnik hotels for pets

But the chapel is not the only monument of antiquity that is located on the square. The palace, which was the residence of the prince of the Dubrovnik Republic, leaves a special impression. In the same place, the city meeting also met, and the prison was located. The medieval building was completed and modified over the centuries, absorbing many architectural styles.

They also come here to look at the Orlando Column, as well as the magnificent Church of St. Blaise with a baroque facade, as well as the small fountain of Onofrio. Interestingly, the small fountain of Onofrio, like the large one located at the other end of the street, was launched back in the fifteenth century and was a single system of water conduit along with aqueducts that delivered clean water from the neighboring valley. And today you can drink spring water from this fountain.

After seeing the Old Town up close, climb Mount Srd. This over four hundred meters high hill turns the historic center of Dubrovnik into a miniature illustration of its general atmosphere, as well as the Elaphite Islands, which fill the view to the horizon. For several centuries, this mountain was of great military importance, and now it is a place for romantic walks to watch the sunset.

Another building that had defensive functions in the past is Fort Lovrijenac. His task was to repel attacks both from the water and from the shore. The original fortress was erected at the beginning of the fourteenth century and was a triangle with three terraces in the form of degrees. This design was chosen for a reason, it took into account the difference in the height of the cliff at the base of the fort and made the fortress completely impregnable. Its defensive characteristics were so high that only 25 people could guard it. Now the fort plays the role of a center for numerous cultural and sporting events.

Traveling to Dubrovnik with your dog, Dubrovnik hotels for pets

If you like lively places with colorful goods, colorful vendors and a unique atmosphere, then you should definitely visit the Gundulić Square Market. Named in honor of the Dubrovnik poet, the square in the morning becomes a colorful mixture of vegetable and fruit rows, stalls with local delicacies, as well as other products.

After hot walks through the streets, the hill and the fort, you can cool off in the waters of the Adriatic Sea. Banje Beach is ideal for this. It is not only located near the historical center, but also provides a great opportunity to view the fortress walls from the best angle, as well as enjoy the views of Lokrum Island, which is located nearby. The coast is pebbly, but this will not prevent you from refreshing yourself in the water, playing beach volleyball, football or just relaxing in your chair.

After the beach, take a walk to the old city port. It is protected from the waves by the Kasse pier, built back in the fifteenth century, and the younger pier - Porporela, which was built at the end of the nineteenth century. When sea trade flourished in Dubrovnik, forts were built along the perimeter of the harbor to protect ships. However, now the old port is more of a tourist attraction - boats depart from here to the island of Lokrum, and benches have been placed on the Porporella pier, from which it is very convenient to watch the sunset.

Traveling to Dubrovnik with your dog, Dubrovnik hotels for pets

From jetty and you can go to the colorful island of Lokrum, which is visible from the beach. Only ten or fifteen minutes and you are already stepping on soft ground, on which a pine forest grows. Across the entire area of ​​the island, from the coast to the rocky bays, comfortable walking paths are laid, along which walking with a dog is a pleasure.

Traveling to Dubrovnik with your dog, Dubrovnik hotels for pets

If you like secluded walks, then you will love Gradac Park. This is a quiet oasis of centuries-old pines, where you will very rarely meet the townspeople. Here you can relax, read a book or just take a walk with your four-legged friend.

Well, now, having been filled with impressions, you can go on vacation to one of the hotels, where both you and your furry friend will be welcome.

Dog-friendly hotels in Dubrovnik

Valamar Argosy Hotel Dubrovnik Dogs Allowed

This modern dog-friendly hotel is located a short walk from the beach. The hotel rooms are air-conditioned and equipped with TV, minibar and safe, private bathroom and toiletries. Most rooms have a balcony with views of the Adriatic Sea, the garden or the park.

In the mornings, you can enjoy a buffet breakfast and drinks at one of the bars.

After an eventful day, it will be great to spend time in the Mediterranean garden, order a massage or visit the fitness center - all this is available at the hotel.

In Valamar Argosy you can stay with a pet. The fee is 25 EUR/day. Food and water bowls are available upon request.

Dubrovnik Luxury Residence - L’Orangerie Dubrovnik Dogs Allowed

Dubrovnik Luxury Residence L’Orangerie is located a minute's walk from Dubrovnik's pebbly beach.

The hotel has rooms with a terrace - you can always go out for a breath of fresh air, look at the local scenery. In any case, among other amenities will be air conditioning and free internet. In the living area of ​​each room there is a comfortable sofa and a TV - you can spend the evening watching your favorite movie, the kitchen is equipped with all the necessary appliances, including a dishwasher, microwave and coffee machine. There is also a private bathroom with a bathtub, washing machine and hairdryer.

Near the hotel there is a boulevard where you can walk your dog and go to a supermarket or dine in a cafe and try Dalmatian cuisine.

Accommodation at the hotel for dogs is absolutely free.

Hotel Lero Dubrovnik Dogs Allowed

The hotel is located half an hour walk to the Old Town and five minutes walk to the beach. Here are great places to walk your dog or just take a walk in the evening in a relaxed atmosphere.

The hotel has a swimming pool - you can take a dip, and then visit one of the restaurants on the ground floor or look into the wellness center.

The rooms at this dog-friendly hotel have everything you need, from air conditioning and TV to safe, minibar and kettle. There is also a private bathroom and a free hygiene kit. Bathrobes and slippers are also provided.

In the mornings you can enjoy the buffet and taste local and international cuisine.

Afterwards, relax on the sun loungers by the pool or enjoy a drink at the hotel bar.

You can check into the hotel with your dog. The cost of living for each pet is 20 euros / day (one per room). Food and water bowls are available upon request.

Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik Dogs Allowed

The Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik is located near the center of Dubrovnik, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The dog-friendly hotel itself occupies a late nineteenth-century building.

Here you can swim in the pool or go to the wellness center, where there are saunas and hammam, sign up for a fitness center and massage.

Each room has all the amenities: split-system and LCD TV, private bathroom with shower.

At the hotel's restaurant, you can sample Mediterranean cuisine and sample many Dalmatian fruit wines. The prestigious lounge has a spacious terrace where you can relax and enjoy the panorama of the Adriatic Sea and the ancient defenses of Dubrovnik.

The Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik also has a bar that overlooks Fort St. Lawrence.

In a few minutes you will reach the pedestrian street Stradun and a little further you will see the old port of Dubrovnik, where you can walk your dog and enjoy the atmospheric scenic spots. You can also go to one of the cozy beaches.

When checking in with a dog at the hotel, an additional fee of 45 euros per stay is charged. The weight of the animal must not exceed 34 kg. Food and water bowls are available upon request.

Dubrovnik is a city where the historical past is perfectly combined with modern service, a place whose atmosphere captures from the first seconds and gives such impressions that you could only experience in the cinema before.

Come to Dubrovnik with your dog and enjoy clear water, amazing architecture, rocky coves. Explore all the features of this city and, believe me, it will not disappoint you!

This article contains affiliate links, we may be rewarded if you make a booking. Thank you for your understanding, advertising allows us to do our work further and collect more useful information about traveling with pets in our articles.

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