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Traveling to Los Angeles with a Dog, Pet Friendly Hotels in Los Angeles

Traveling to Los Angeles with a Dog, Pet Friendly Hotels in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a separate world where the wildest dreams come true. It doesn't matter who you are, what your past is - you can be anyone. In this city, it is easy to join the same young and ambitious residents, for whom the main value is a vibrant life. Stars, luxury and prosperity reign here, here the entire entertainment industry is aimed at ensuring that everyone can feel like a chosen one.

At the same time, Los Angeles is an important world scientific, cultural, economic and educational center.

It is worth coming to Los Angeles with your pet to see with your own eyes how Hollywood stars live and feel the carefree atmosphere of Southern California.

You can start your acquaintance with the city from Hollywood. This is the most popular area in LA, where the most famous films are made. You must have heard about this place many times. In addition to making films, theatrical productions are also welcomed here, which are shown in the historic theaters of the city.

But the most famous place in Hollywood is the Walk of Fame. This pedestrian area is located on Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street. Walking here with your dog, you can see the memorial "stars" on which the names of famous film actors and artists flaunt. Interestingly, there are also "stars" of cartoon characters and even some companies.

Traveling to Los Angeles with a Dog, Pet Friendly Hotels in Los Angeles

If you are a shopping lover, then you should definitely visit Rodeo Drive. This is one of the central streets located in the Beverly Hills area, where you can go to the shops of all the famous brands in the fashion industry. Walking here, you seem to find yourself on the catwalk, where the most elegant models show their outfits.

The majestic Walt Disney Concert Hall is a must see. This building is an example of the brightest futuristic architecture. It is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in the whole country. The design fascinates with its smooth curves, which seem to be blown by the wind. Each sheet with which the building is lined is unique and does not repeat the other. When you walk next to such a building, you get the impression that you are in another world or in the future - we have no doubt that you and your four-legged friend will appreciate this place.

Traveling to Los Angeles with a Dog, Pet Friendly Hotels in Los Angeles

Another impressive building is Ballox Wilshire. If the previous architectural masterpiece sent us to futuristic images, then this representative of the art deco style directs us straight to the 30s of the last century. Ballox Wilshire is a department store building that should attract residents of the area with its beauty and flamboyance. And the truth is that as soon as you find yourself nearby, you want to pay all your attention to this miracle of architecture. An important role here is also played by a high tower with a copper dome, the greenish-blue color of which can be seen from afar.

Another interesting building is Grauman's Chinese Theatre. It was erected in 1927 on Hollywood Boulevard. The theater looks like the palace of the Chinese emperor - the predominance of red, gilding and colorful frescoes turn it into a real symbol of Chinese culture. Be sure to take a few photos with your dog here.

After looking at the architectural features of Los Angeles, walk around Santa Monica. This is an area that is located near the coast. Excellent infrastructure and clean beaches have turned it into a popular seaside resort and a favorite destination for surfers and amusement seekers.

Traveling to Los Angeles with a Dog, Pet Friendly Hotels in Los Angeles

The most beloved tourist attraction in this place is the Santa Monica Pier, primarily known for the fact that Route 66 ends here, which runs from east to west across the entire continent. Take a picture with your furry pet under the corresponding sign. This pier is quite a large place for walking, where there are eateries, aquariums, an amusement park, and even a Ferris wheel. Life is in full swing here, and the flow of tourists does not dry out even at night - very often free concerts and film screenings are held on the pier.

Few people know that Los Angeles has its own Venice. This is the name of the area south of Santa Monica, where the city's canals were built in the Venetian style. Here you can feel a completely different atmosphere - a mixture of European sophistication with American flavor. But many tend not to the canals at all, but to Venice Beach, where every visitor will find entertainment to their liking.

Traveling to Los Angeles with a Dog, Pet Friendly Hotels in Los Angeles

The hot Californian sun always keeps your mood high, but you often want to hide from it in the shade of a comfortable hotel. Let's see where is the best place to stay and relax with your dog.

Hotels in Los Angeles where you can check in with a dog

InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown

This dog-friendly hotel is located in the Downtown area and is famous for the highest open-air bar in the Western Hemisphere. Climbing up to the roof of the hotel, you can not only have a delicious drink, but also admire the magnificent panoramic view of Los Angeles.

Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel and in-room TVs, drink coffee from your coffee machine, and take a bath with a view of the city. Minimalist style and attention to detail make this hotel feel like you're in one of the cutting-edge movies.

Nearby are the Microsoft Theater and Staples Center, which are built in a futuristic style and attract attention with their rounded shapes and gentle curves - ideal locations to admire modern architecture and walk the dog.

The weight of the dog with which you plan to check into the hotel must not exceed 18 kilograms. For the entire stay, you will need to pay an additional $125. Bowls for food and water are provided upon request.

The LINE Hotel Los Angeles Dogs Allowed

The LINE Hotel is located in Koreatown, where historic brick buildings from the 1930s rise. Despite the historical flavor, the hotel is made in an ultra-modern style.

You will be provided with spacious rooms filled with light and fresh air. Minimalistic design, natural textures, bespoke furniture and modern art pieces are found in every room. You can also take advantage of air conditioning, a safe, a TV and a minibar. If you love the outdoors, you'll love the outdoor pool and furnished sun terrace.

The hotel also houses a fitness centre, bike rentals, a yoga studio, and a shop selling art and design items.

For accommodation with a dog you need to pay 250 dollars for the whole time. In this case, the weight of the pet should not exceed 11 kilograms.

Omni Los Angeles Hotel at California Plaza

If you like to relax in skyscrapers, then this hotel is just right for you. California Plaza towers over an area rich in history and architecture, offering stunning views of downtown Los Angeles.

The rooms are decorated in rich warm colors with deep navy blue accents. The exquisite private bathroom is tiled with granite and marble, and the room includes a TV, an aromatic coffee machine and a soft bathrobe.

The hotel is also famous for its restaurant, where they created a very romantic atmosphere, and the dishes are prepared from quality local products. You can also relax and take in views of Los Angeles from the outdoor patio. If there is a need for physical activity, and walking with a pet is no longer enough, then you can use the fitness center or swim in the heated pool. And after it, relax in the SPA.

Your pet must not weigh more than 11 kilograms. For the entire stay, you need to pay an additional $125.

Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles Dogs Allowed

For lovers of theater, history and cinema, this dog-friendly hotel is perfect. Not only is it located in the heart of the historic theater district, it is also located in a house built for a local film company.

Bright, light and optimistic design of the rooms guarantees you a positive mood. At the same time, the rooms are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay and a pleasant pastime.

Climbing up to the roof of the hotel, you can admire the view of the city, swim in the pool or sunbathe on the terrace while drinking a delicious cocktail. For active people there is a sports center and bike rental, and for art lovers there is a souvenir shop.

The Staples Center, the Los Angeles Convention Center and the Fashion District are close by.

There is only one condition for check-in: the weight of the dog must not exceed 22 kilograms. For the entire stay, you need to pay an additional $50. If necessary, your pet will be given bowls for food and drink.

USC Hotel Los Angeles Dogs Allowed

This dog-friendly hotel is suitable for the young at heart as well as those looking to reminisce about their college days, as it is within walking distance of the University of Southern California. Thanks to this, you will be able to attend various events that are held on the Campus of this university.

The rooms are made in a classic style. Inside you can enjoy free internet, air conditioning and TV. The rooms also have a hairdryer and a coffee maker.

Additional amenities include the ability to swim in the outdoor pool, relax in the hot tub, visit the fitness center or enjoy local cuisine at the restaurant and bar.

There is a $75 surcharge for bringing a dog along with a $75 deposit. You can take a maximum of two pets with you, and each must weigh no more than 22 kilograms.

City of Angels - here you feel light and free. All the problems of the world remain somewhere behind, and here and now only bright lights of joy, interest and pleasure sparkle.

Come to Los Angeles with your dog - let yourself live like in Hollywood and see how comfortable you will be in the image of a movie star!

This article contains affiliate links, we may be rewarded if you make a booking. Thank you for your understanding, advertising allows us to do our work further and collect more useful information about traveling with pets in our articles.

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