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Traveling with your dog to Courbevoie, pet-friendly hotels in Courbevoie

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Traveling with your dog, pet-friendly hotels in Courbevoie

Who hasn't dreamed of visiting Paris at least once in their life, alone, with their family or with their dog? Paris captivates with the splendor of its architecture, the sumptuousness of its shops, the magnificence of its parks and gardens and the authenticity of its historic sites. Paris is the capital of fashion, literature and good manners. To visit Paris, you have to go there several times or plan a long stay.

One of the flagship municipalities of Paris is Courbevoie. Known for the business district of La Défense which occupies a good part of its territory, Courbevoie is distinguished by its impressive skyscrapers, its emblematic monuments and its various artistic and commercial vestiges which attract no less than 8 million tourists each year.

What to visit in Courbevoie with your pet?

Traveling with your dog, pet-friendly hotels in Courbevoie

The queen of Ile de France asserts itself as one of the leading towns in the Hauts de Seine with its modernity and good living. It ensures a pleasant and secure living environment. Transport of all kinds provides the link to the center of Paris in just a few minutes.

If you decide to go to Courbevoie with your puppy, get ready to fill up on emotion! You will see everything! In this magnificent city, work and emancipation go hand in hand on a daily basis. Between those who go about their business in a hurry, those who feast on the greenery of the gardens, the flavors of the good restaurants or who linger in front of the monumental works of art and those who simply stroll in the streets, you will find certainly your account. Accompanied by your dog, you will certainly enjoy outdoor walks, avoiding cloistered places that canines do not like.

Stroll through the streets of the city with your dog

What better way to do when you are in Courbevoie than to keep your dog on a leash and fill your eyes with the architectural marvels that adorn this wonderful city! The beautiful architectural appearance is much more admired from the outside than from the inside. Between historical monuments such as the Roybet Fould Museum, the Pavilion of the Indies, Sculptures La Défense De Paris (Barrias), the Saint Pierre Saint Paul church and modern buildings such as the First Tower and the gigantic skyscrapers, there is enough get surprised.

Traveling with your dog, pet-friendly hotels in Courbevoie

Walk with your dog along the Seine

A stroll along the Seine accompanied by your puppy is an effective remedy for de-stressing and recharging your batteries. Walking near the water on one side and crisscrossing the roads on the other kills two birds with one stone and maybe even three since it allows you to practice a complete sport. The Seine is not a simple river but a place steeped in history. The tourist must plunge his eyes into it with interest to admire it well. If your pet knows how to keep quiet, you can even enjoy a ride on the water and take full advantage of both banks of the Seine.

Visit parks and gardens with your doggie

Many gardens and parks adorn the city of Courbevoie, some allow the presence of dogs others have limited hours but what is wise is to take your dog to a dog park where he can play freely. In this kind of park, you don't even have to keep it on a leash. He can play and jump as he pleases. He can even meet his peers and have fun together. You, for your part, will be able to meet canine owners, which will allow you to exchange experiences and create new links.

Traveling with your dog, pet-friendly hotels in Courbevoie

However, if you want to visit a place where dogs are prohibited, dog sitter services are everywhere in Courbevoie, you just have to find out and get in touch with them. Your favorite will be very well pampered.

Pet-friendly hotels

Too attached to your pet, not wanting to part with it or you simply don't have anyone to entrust it to during your trip to Courbevoie? Take it with you! There are magnificent hotels in Courbevoie that will accept your four-legged friend without any worries, here are a few to help you.

Aparthotel Adagio La Défense Kleber Dogs Allowed

Aparthotel Adagio La Défense Kleber is a sumptuous four-star hotel which occupies a strategic place in the district of La Défense in Courbevoie. Located 4.9 km from the Champs Elysées and 5 km from the Arc de Triomphe, this hotel is very popular with travellers. It is appreciated for its proximity to several train stations and stations, and for the presence of many shops all around for shopping or for pleasure. Living areas are beautifully appointed inside the hotel. Bright, clean and welcoming rooms are arranged to enhance your stay in Courbevoie, yours, and that of your fur ball, because rest assured, your favorite will be very well treated and will only be admitted to the hotel for a few EUR 10 per day.

Citadine La Défense Paris Dogs Allowed

If you are looking for a nice, cheap and welcoming hotel in Courbevoie, go to the Citadine La Défense Paris hotel. It is a 3-star hotel which has all the amenities and which voluntarily accepts your dog. In addition to the well-appointed apartments, the hotel offers a kitchenette, a flat-screen TV and a rain shower head added to the adapted air conditioning, the free wifi network and a pleasant work area. If you are traveling with your baby, be aware that he will be admitted free of charge to the hotel and a bed will even be offered to him. Your pet will also be admitted but with a supplement of 10 EUR per day.

Hotel La Citadine is very close to several metro and public transport stations, which will allow you to get around easily.

Hôtel Mercure Paris La Défense Dogs Allowed

Not far from the Champs-Elysées and the Arc de Triomphe is the Mercure Paris La Défense Hotel, this four-star hotel perfectly meets the criteria of a luxury hotel. It has perfectly equipped rooms with a high-speed wifi network, a gym to stretch your muscles, a restaurant, a car park and many other areas that will make your stay in Courbevoie a dream moment.

From the Mercure hotel, you can easily visit all of Paris and its surroundings thanks to the availability of nearby means of transport. If you want to take your pet with you, do not hesitate, the hotel takes all the necessary measures to accommodate it.

Fraser Suites Harmonie Paris La Défense Dogs Allowed

Only a few short kilometers from the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs Elysées is a luxurious five-star hotel named Fraser Suites Harmonie. It is a beautifully built hotel, with all the amenities worthy of such a starred hotel. Sumptuous well-equipped rooms with quality dairy, a refrigerator and a microwave as well as a free high-speed wifi network. There is also a fitness room, a garden, a terrace and a bar/lounge for entertainment. For your trips to and from the airport, the hotel offers a shuttle activating 24 hours a day. Your dog, if you have one, will have his share of benevolence at the hotel and will spend, as much as you, unforgettable moments in Courbevoie.

Séjours et Affaires Courbevoie Grande Arche

Some 8.5 km from the Eiffel Tower and 9.5 km from the Louvre Museum is a beautiful hotel called Séjours et Affaires Courbevoie Grande Arche. It is a hotel that has nothing to envy to large residences since it has all the features that a traveler will need in a hotel. Beautiful, beautifully appointed rooms await you with a free and uninterrupted wifi network. A continental breakfast is offered to you every day at an additional cost. To stretch your muscles, a well-equipped fitness room is also available to you. All this at a very attractive price which enchants the customer elsewhere. The icing on the cake, you do not have to put up with the absence of your faithful four-legged friend since dogs and other pets are easily accessible within the hotel at the symbolic price of 4.00 EUR at provided that they do not exceed five kilos.

This article contains affiliate links, we may be rewarded if you make a booking. Thank you for your understanding, advertising allows us to do our work further and collect more useful information about traveling with pets in our articles.

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