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Traveling with your dog to Lille, pet-friendly hotels in Lille

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Traveling with your dog, pet-friendly hotels in Lille

If you are planning a vacation or a weekend in the north of France and you are thinking of going to Lille, you have made an excellent choice! The capital of Nord Pas de Calais and Hauts de France is a tourist destination par excellence, especially for lovers of beautiful architecture and travels through time. It is in Lille that heritage and modernity come together. An architectural mixture seizes the visitor. Ranging from the neoclassical style to the Flemish style to modern art, all built with various and varied materials, Lille is really worth a visit.

Traveling with your dog, pet-friendly hotels in Lille

Visit Lille with your dog

Lille, a hospitable border town that welcomes tourists all year round given its proximity to several neighboring countries. Visitors who come to enjoy the good weather, good food and above all the beautiful atmosphere of Lille. Whether you are alone, as a couple, with family or friends, you will always find places that welcome you. Even you who cannot part with your four-legged friend or who prefer to spend your holidays in his company, Lille awaits you to welcome you with open arms.

Museums, natural spaces, city walks or beaches open to dogs, in Lille, you and your pet will surely have unforgettable moments. But what are the places you can visit with your dog in Lille?

Roam the streets of old Lille

Traveling with your dog, pet-friendly hotels in Lille

One of the must-see places in Lille that enchants tourists with its captivating buildings is Old Lille. Your dog, just like you, will be delighted to walk the cobbled streets of the old town and discover the traces of the canals that once criss-crossed the town. You will take great pleasure in admiring this secular architectural art made of stone. and brick. Old Lille shines with a thousand lights, especially after its restoration, it exudes a lush air that gives this striking city its allure of yesteryear.

You can start your visit from the oldest street in the city called rue de la clef, then continue with other streets, each more charming than the other, namely rue des arts, rue des chat bossus, Rue de Gand, Rue de la Monnaie, Rue de Pétérinck, Rue des Vieux Murs. These streets lead to magnificent squares full of historical monuments such as Place Louise-de-Bettignies, Place du Concert, Place des Oignons and many others. Strolling through the streets of old Lille to savor an exceptional architectural beauty is an opportunity not to be missed.

The Citadel Park

Traveling with your dog, pet-friendly hotels in Lille

The citadel of Lille is one of the most breathtaking historical vestiges of Lille. Admiring this magnificent historical monument built in the 17th century for the defense of the city and taking a walk in its vast park is the best thing to do when you go to Lille. Accompanied by your dog, you will fully enjoy one of the largest green spaces in the region. Sports equipment is available to the general public in the Bois de Boulogne which surrounds the citadel.

Your dog will find his account in the immensity of the park and the greenery of its space.

The park is home to several plant and animal species that delight nature lovers. Many animals occupy a magnificent zoo that juxtaposes the park, you can even find endangered species that will delight young and old.

Adding to the majestic citadel and the huge park, other historical monuments will fill you with their magnificence like the Napoleon Bridge and the monument to the dead.

Vauban garden

Just opposite the citadel on the banks of the Deûle canal, there is a splendid garden called the Vauban garden where you can easily stroll with your four-legged friend. This garden, listed as a historical monument, is home to some surprising corners that you absolutely must visit during your visit to Lille. Citing the presence of a marvelous artificial cave, numerous monuments erected in tribute to personalities from Lille as well as several canals and basins.

The English style that characterizes this garden transports you to the atmosphere of another civilization while remaining in the heart of French civilization.

The Scarpe Escaut Regional Natural Park

If your desire is to spend a busy full day in the company of your dog, take a trip to the oldest natural regional park in France. The Scarpe Escaut park covers more than 40,000 hectares, includes 55 municipalities and extends to neighboring countries, mainly Belgium.

It is a place rich in heritage, natural sites, entertainment and various activities that you can do with your dog, mainly if you have taken care to educate him well.

The Garden of the Giants

You like to take your pet in a place that is full of waterholes, fortresses and dense vegetation? Go to the Garden of the Giants. It is an incredible garden which is located at the gates of Lille, it is dotted with beautifully landscaped spaces for strolling, having fun and getting some fresh air. Built on a former parking lot, the landscapers have created a true work of art.

Traveling with your dog, pet-friendly hotels in Lille

First, there is a small bamboo forest called the Parvis des Nuages, then comes the grass of the giants, a green space rich in vegetation and clearings and then offers you a magnificent aquatic garden called the garden of sources.

While in Lille, do not miss this fabulous place as well as many other magnificent parks and gardens that are really worth a visit.

Where to sleep in Lille with your pet?

Countless hotels, magnificently erected and fitted out to welcome you, are waiting for you in Lille. Hotels that voluntarily welcome your pet and allow you to have a pleasant stay without having to part with this loved one.

Hôtel La Valiz Lille

Hotel La Valiz is a three-star hotel located in the very heart of Lille, 10 minutes by car from Lille Lesquin airport. It is also close to several train and metro stations, just a few minutes walk away, making it easy to get around.

Hotel La Valiz is a little gem which, in addition to its modern and comfortable equipment, accepts your pet and allows you to spend pleasant holidays in its company.

A free high-speed wifi connection allows you to be connected all the time if you wish of course. The hotel takes hygiene and cleaning very seriously, which allows you to stay in a healthy and serene environment. Accommodation is free for children aged three and under. Pets are allowed for a supplement of EUR 15 per day with a weight not exceeding 10 kg.

Hotel Carlton  Lille

Hotel Carlton is a 4-star hotel which occupies a strategic place in the center of Lille. It is a very comfortable hotel with all the necessary amenities for a pleasant stay. Its proximity to several train and metro stations allows you to visit Lille upstream. The hotel treats you with its delicious dishes. It has two restaurants, two bars/lounges and a sublime fitness room.

A wifi network is available to you free of charge throughout your stay. The hotel also provides 24-hour shuttles to and from the airport to avoid any hassle.

No need to worry about your pet since the hotel ensures its admission but with certain restrictions that you can know by contacting the managers. Rest assured, the hotel spares no effort to satisfy you and treat you and your dog like royalty.

L’Hermitage Gantois, Autograph

If you are looking for a luxury hotel in the center of Lille, the Hermitage Gantois, Autograph Collection is one. It is a hotel that has all the amenities that the customer might need. This hotel has a full restaurant service. Guests benefit from 24-hour room service, two restaurants, a bar/lounge and a buffet breakfast. A free high-speed wifi network is available in the rooms and throughout the hotel.

The rooms are very well equipped with an adapted air conditioning system. People with reduced mobility also have their share of care at the hotel level. The latter also accepts your pet for a supplement of EUR 25 per night. However, there is no charge for service animals.

Bowls for water and food are also available.

This article contains affiliate links, we may be rewarded if you make a booking. Thank you for your understanding, advertising allows us to do our work further and collect more useful information about traveling with pets in our articles.

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