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Traveling with your dog to Lyon, pet-friendly hotels of Lyon

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Traveling with your dog, pet-friendly hotels in Lyon

Do you want to visit one of the most beautiful cities in France without having to part with your beloved dog? It is quite possible. Lyon is the dog-friendly city par excellence. Every year new laws that make it easier to walk in Lyon with your dog are put in place. It is one of the few cities where dogs are allowed on public transport, including the tram. If your doggie is small, you will carry it in its basket otherwise you will simply put a muzzle on it.

Countless parks open their doors to your furball so that he can frolic at his ease and make cani friends. Here are some examples of places to visit with your pet in Lyon.

Traveling with your dog, pet-friendly hotels in Lyon

An urban walk with your dog in Lyon

Visiting the city of Lyon with your dog on a leash and the best activity to do when you are on vacation or for a weekend in Lyon. Holding your animal and strolling along the banks of the Rhône to admire the architectural treasures of Lyon allows you to fill up on 2000 years of history. You can also enter old Lyon and observe the many vestiges of medieval and Renaissance architecture, criss-cross the traboules to discover hidden places full of mysteries. These traboules which lead to another place which is not the least interesting in Lyon and which is the hill of the Croix-Rousse. On this hill, you will find a wonderful garden called the Impasse Chazière park where you can choose a corner and let your dog take a delicious moment of rest after a long walk.

Overlook Lyon from the Fourvière hill with your dog

From old Lyon, you can access the Colline Fourvière by several paths. If you prefer to walk in order to make the most of several viewpoints, you can take slopes or stairs that offer a splendid view of the city, otherwise you can reach the hill by public transport such as the funicular where your dog is accepted without problem. If you are driving, there too you have no worries since the parking tracks are widely available.

Traveling with your dog, pet-friendly hotels in Lyon

Nicknamed the "hill that prays", it has many incredible architectural and religious remains citing the site of the ancient theater, the museum of Gallo-Roman civilization, Roman mausoleums, the Saint-Thomas chapel, the metal tower of Fourvière and many others, but the most remarkable is the Notre-Dame de Fourvière basilica which sits on the hill and overlooks the city of Lyon and which offers you a breathtaking view of the whole city.

Parks to walk your dog in Lyon

What makes Lyon special is this marriage between town planning, history and nature. A magnificent mountainous relief surrounds this warm city of the Gauls. So nature is omnipresent in Lyon, which has facilitated the development of many parks for the relaxation and entertainment of Lyon residents and their visitors.

Traveling with your dog, pet-friendly hotels in Lyon

Most of its green spaces welcome pets without any restrictions except wearing a muzzle or keeping a leash in certain places. The best known parks are:

- The Tête d'Or park: it is a place as pleasant for you as for your doggie, together you can visit the zoo, the botanical garden, the lake, the boats and lots of interesting things. Your canine friend can enjoy two dog parks where he can let himself go and above all make friends.

- The Feyssine natural park: Located not far from the Tête d'Or park, with a larger area, this park is ideal for walking and spending pleasant time with your dog in Lyon. Your doggie can also swim or simply relax on the banks of the Rhône. This is the favorite place for dog sitters.

- Sergent Blandan Park: Between the 7th and 3rd arrondissements, on a natural island, a magnificent green space has been laid out. On the square you can visit very old buildings such as the old barracks considered the longest building in Europe at the time. The park is ideal for an unforgettable walk with your dog, there is even a playground for children. In addition to strolling throughout the park, a canine garden is reserved for man's best friend to stretch out at ease.

Dog-friendly hotels in Lyon

Lyon is a real dog friendly city. As there are many places to visit with your dog in Lyon, the hotels that accept them are the same. A huge choice is available to you. From cheap hotels to luxurious palaces. We have selected, for you, five of all categories ranging from two to five stars.

Hôtel du Simplon dogs allowed

It is a hotel with 37 pretty, clean and well-equipped rooms with a television, free Wi-Fi 24 hours a day, a private bathroom and suitable air conditioning. This two-star hotel offers you a wonderful stay in Lyon accompanied by your four-legged friend since pets are allowed. Its geographical location is in favor of the tourist since it places it not far from the best tourist places in Lyon as well as from public transport. If you are looking for a comfortable and cheap hotel, go to the Simplon Hotel.

Hôtel Saphir dogs allowed

A three-star hotel, Saphir is located in the 9th arrondissement just a few minutes from the Parc de la Tête d'Or and not at all far from public transport such as the Gare de Lyon-Gorge-de-Loup which is only five minutes on foot and eleven minutes for the Valmy metro station. This hotel has a restaurant that offers succulent dishes from French gastronomy, a gym to stretch your legs, a bar, a lounge, a delicatessen and a terrace. Not to mention the beautiful rooms equipped with a television, free Wi-Fi and a free bed for your child under 12 years old. Your pet will be as pampered as your child, since the bowls for water and food are offered by the hotel.

Best Western Hôtel Du Pont Wilson dogs allowed

This four-star hotel enjoys a very good reputation among travellers. A welcoming and multilingual staff is always at the service. Located in the city center of Paris just a few minutes walk from Place Bellecour and not far from the Tête d'Or park, this hotel occupies a strategic position that allows tourists to visit Lyon with ease. Clean rooms meeting the criteria of a four-star hotel welcome you warmly. Free wifi, breakfast, private bathrooms, 24-hour room service, strict hygiene measures and countless other services guarantee you a pleasant stay in Lyon. Pets such as dogs and cats are valiantly accepted at the hotel.

Crown Plaza Lyon parc de la Tête d’Or dogs allowed

Just 1 minute by car from the Tête d'Or park is a magnificent 4-star hotel named Crown Plaza. It is an establishment that deserves its four stars with its beautifully appointed rooms, equipped with all the amenities worthy of a large hotel. There is a restaurant offering French and international specialties, a gym, a snack bar, a lounge and a terrace where you won't be bored. Crown Plaza Lyon is a dog friendly hotel par excellence. Not only does he accept your dog, but he does it for free and he offers him his bowls for water and food as well as an area for walking without a leash. Isn't it beautiful!

Cour des Loges Lyon, a Radisson collection hotel dogs allowed

This luxurious 5-star hotel is located in the city center of Lyon on the waterfront and a very short walk from public transport such as the old Lyon metro station and the Bellecour metro station. Its multilingual staff welcomes you and serves you with extreme devotion, you will taste the life of the king for a while. The palace has a spa that offers complete treatments, two restaurants that ensure you a perfect dinner, a buffet breakfast every day, a fitness room, a swimming pool, a bar / lounge not to mention the luxurious rooms and their impeccable conveniences. Concerned about your absolute well-being, the hotel also thinks of your children and your pets. Children aged 4 and under stay free if they occupy the same room as their parents. 1 pet per room is accepted, water and food bowls are available at the hotel.

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