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Traveling with your dog to Strasbourg, pet-friendly hotels of Strasbourg

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Traveling with your dog, pet-friendly hotels in Strasbourg

The magnificent landscapes of Alsace make you dream? Do you particularly dream of the charming Strasbourg but are you thinking of your dog you don't want to part with? You just have to take it with you!

Strasbourg is full of beautiful places to visit with your doggie. You will discover majestic fortified castles, marvelous parks and a charming town with its Alsatian houses. A city that will enchant you especially at the end of the year! Oh ! A real fairy tale! Here are some places you can visit with your furball.

Visit the Christmas market with your dog

Traveling with your dog, pet-friendly hotels in Strasbourg

You want to see Strasbourg in celebration, go see the biggest Christmas market in Europe. The market is spread over the large island of Strasbourg and spreads over several places in the city. Keeping your dog on a leash, you can move from one marquee to another admiring the beautiful decorated and illuminated facades. On Place Kléber, you will discover the magnificent giant fir tree 30m high. Place de la Cathédrale, Place du Château and Place de Broglie teem with visitors who come to see the magic of Christmas in all its glory. Each year Strasbourg chooses a country as a guest, which sets up its chalet on Place Gutenberg.

To feast on good Alsatian dishes, it is in front of the Palais des Rohans and Place du Marché aux Poissons that you will find the incredible culinary stand called the Marché des Délices.

If you love local products and want to encourage small Alsatian producers, go to Louise-weiss and Suzanne Lacore squares to taste good cheese, good beer, succulent honey and jam without forgetting to go through the neighborhood. the most beautiful and famous in Strasbourg Place Benjamin Zix. The Christmas market is even bigger, it is practically impossible to mention everything in a few lines, go and discover it with your four-legged friend.

Traveling with your dog, pet-friendly hotels in Strasbourg

Admire historical monuments with your furball

The most important activity to do when traveling to Strasbourg is to visit the majestic monuments and fortified castles incredibly erected in different places and squares. Even if access to the interior is prohibited with your dog for some, as is the case with Strasbourg Cathedral, the mere admiration of its facades will take your breath away. Let us mention some magnificent castles not far from the city of Strasbourg to visit with your dog.

Traveling with your dog, pet-friendly hotels in Strasbourg

- The Château du Haut de Koenigsbourg: perched at an altitude of 755 m, this castle dating from the 12th century is simply majestic with its forts and domes; It is a building to discover absolutely.

- Lichtenberg Castle: This 13th century castle has been listed as a historical monument since 1878. Surrounded by a fortress and featuring a large garden, this castle really deserves to be visited with your faithful four-legged friend during your visit to Strasbourg.

- Bernstein Castle: This castle is one of the oldest in Alsace where the bishops of Strasbourg lived between the 13th and 14th centuries. It has been classified as a historical monument since 1932. A legend is told around its place of construction and its name, which we will let you discover once there with your dog.

The parks to visit with your four-legged friend

Traveling with your dog, pet-friendly hotels in Strasbourg

Strasbourg deserves the title of European capital with its historic city, the lakes and rivers that cross it as well as the green spaces that refresh it and bring happiness to its inhabitants. These spaces or parks are also a pleasure for pet sitters who bring their dogs to stretch their legs and roam at ease far from the restrictions and anxiety of the city. You who are tourists and are looking for parks that accept your dog here are a few that you are sure to love:

-The Parc de l'Orangerie: This is the oldest park in the city, located not far from the European Parliament where you can admire a magnificent spectacle of storks. The park has a zoo, a restaurant, several distractions for children and adults as well as a canine garden to free your dog from his leash.

-The garden of the two banks: located on the banks of the Rhine, this park brings together Germany and France. Lively throughout the year, it hosts many cultural and botanical events. Children can enjoy several playgrounds and your dog will love the dog park specially designed for him.

-The Parc de la Citadelle: located on the banks of the Rhine, the Parc de la Citadelle is a magnificent green space built on the remains of an old military fortress on the edge of the basin of the citadel. There are several activities and especially a dog area to allow dogs to have their own corner.

Pet Friendly Hotels in Strasbourg

Nothing to worry about when it comes to residence, generous Strasbourg offers you the embarrassment of the choice of hotels that will welcome you and your furry friend with open arms. We have selected the best for you based on traveler reviews.

Hôtel des Vosges 5 rue de la gare dogs allowed

This small hotel with 22 rooms arranged on two floors is a pretty 2-star establishment intended for travelers who love comfort and simplicity. All the necessary amenities are there. The rooms are equipped with a TV, free high-speed wifi and a private bathroom with bathtub. For breakfast, a varied buffet is available to you, added to the restaurant which treats you to specialties from the region. A bar/lounge, a lounge and a terrace will brighten up your stay in Strasbourg. The hotel offers free parking, something not found in larger hotels. If you come with your dog, the hotel takes all the necessary measures to welcome a pet.

Château de Pourtalès dogs allowed

Only about 7 KM from Place de la Gare and in a magnificent setting is the Château de Pourtalès. Before going inside, this 3-star hotel captivates with its facade reminiscent of beautiful French architecture. Added to the beautifully appointed, clean, and well-equipped rooms, the hotel has a full-service spa, sauna, steam room, terrace, garden, and even a library. Wi-Fi and parking are completely free. Dogs as pets are also accepted.

Hôtel Beaucour dogs allowed

The Beaucour Hotel is a 4 star hotel. It occupies a strategic position in the city center district, located just a 19-minute walk from Place de la Gare and a 1-minute drive from the splendid Notre Dame de Strasbourg cathedral. The hotel allows you to take full advantage of the city and its vestiges without wasting your time on long journeys. The Beaucour hotel has 49 magnificent rooms all equipped with free wifi, private bathrooms and televisions as well as suitable air conditioning.

If you are traveling with your family and want to keep your young children in your room, it is free, but you can take them to a connecting room so that they can sleep peacefully. The establishment also offers a baby-sitting service if you want to roam around Strasbourg or go shopping without being disturbed by your child. Your pet is also allowed in the hotel and we even offer him his bowl for water and food.

BOMA easy living hôtel dogs allowed

The BOMA easy living hotel is a great success with travellers. They rave about the magnificence of its clean, well-appointed rooms and impeccable service. After walking around Strasbourg and visiting its many tourist sites, the hotel welcomes you to refresh yourself and give you a boost of vivacity. You can take a very good bath in your private bathroom then rest quietly taking advantage of the free high-speed wifi or go downstairs to sip a coffee on the terrace or have a drink in the bar/lounge.

This 4-star hotel offers a free stay for your young children with an additional baby-sitting service. You will also enjoy regional specialties in its restaurant and stretch your muscles in its well-equipped fitness room. If you think of your four-legged friend, the hotel voluntarily accepts him and even offers you his bowl for water and food.

Château de l’Ile & Spa dogs allowed

This incredible 5-star hotel is located in Ostwald, 18 minutes by car from Place de la Gare and 21 minutes from Notre Dame de Strasbourg Cathedral. Public transport is just a few steps away: Ostwald Hôtel de ville tram station is 12 minutes away, and Borie tram station is 15 minutes from the hotel. This strategic location and the magnificence of its rooms as well as the perfection of its services give it unparalleled success. Other assets make this Hotel the best in Strasbourg, citing the magnificent restaurant with succulent dishes, the Spa with its treatments and massages, the indoor swimming pool, the bar, the lounge, the hammam as well as the dedicated staff and several other services. who will always make you come back to this hotel. The icing on the cake, your faithful four-legged friend is accepted by offering him his bowls for water and food.

This article contains affiliate links, we may be rewarded if you make a booking. Thank you for your understanding, advertising allows us to do our work further and collect more useful information about traveling with pets in our articles.

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