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Trip to Sofia, dog comes along

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Trip to Sofia, dog comes along

Our next destination is Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Travelling to Sofia with a dog can be easy – there are plenty dog-friendly hotels, restaurants and sights there. Our article is about how to plan a trip to Sofia if you have a furry company - your dog.

Sightseeing in Sofia can be dog-friendly too

First of all any decent tourist needs to see few landmarks of Sofia. And this city has enough to show you. There are numerous parks, historical streets, squares and architectural landmarks in Sofia, that can be easily discovered with a dog. Our list of Sofia’s most interesting sights will be useful for all of those tourists who plans to visit the capital of Bulgaria with their dog.

Borisova gradina (also known as Boris' Garden or Knyaz Boris' Garden) is the large and beautiful park. Here you and your pet can enjoy nature as much as you want. Dog owners can be very often met here, so you can take yours for a walk too. The park is especially beautiful in spring, however many tourists prefer to visit this place during fall, so we guess it is a meter of taste. As a bonus - you can go on a boat excursion here as well.

Eagles Bridge (Orlov most) is located next to the Borisova gradina, so you can easily build you rout across the city. This small bridge over a shallow river is famous for its bronze eagles, which are, symbolically, the protectors and patrons of Sofia.

Banski Square is an excellent place to discover the architecture of Sofia. Apart from its cultural importance, the place is famous for its bars, pubs and restaurants around the square. Maybe before you discover all of the bars you spend some time to visit the National Historical Museum. The building is famose for the fact that it was occupied by the Sofia Central Mineral Baths before museum moved has moved in. Next to the Museum you can see an amazing Banya Bashi Mosque, and also the Mineral springs of Sofia. Locals come here every day to fill a bottle or two with a healing water.

Slaveykov Square is not just a beautiful square, but also a place to eat banitsa (also transliterated as banica or banitza) - a traditional pastry dish. Apart from that you will have a chance to buy souvenirs here for yourself and your dog. It is an authentic square to have good time with your dog.

St Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, one of the largest churches in the world and the most beautiful building of Bulgaria. It looks magnificent outside and inside, especially in the evening when the lights are on. Come after dark and enjoy the view while walking your dog.

Whenever you are up for a hike with your dog in Sofia, go to Vitosha Park. Hills of the park are all covered with forest. You and you dog will really enjoy the beautiful walk and fresh air.

Vrana Park is a former royal palace on the outskirts of Sofia. According to tourists, it is a wonderful place to have a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, enjoy beautiful nature and learn some facts from the history of Bulgaria. While it can be tricky to get inside the museum together with a dog, you can have a beautiful walk around.

Hotels in Sofia to stay with pets

In case up are horrified by the idea of searching for a dog-friendly hotel in Sofia, we have a good news for you - there are quite a few hotels in Sofia where you will easily check-in with a dog. If you plan to visit Bulgaria with your pet, here is a list of pet-friendly hotels for you:

Pet-friendly hotel Hyatt Regency Sofia

Hyatt Regency Sofia dog friendly hotel

Located just a few minutes away from the Alexander Nevsky park this luxurious hotels shares a location next to a number of bars and restaurants, as well as good shopping opportunities around Vitosha Boulevard – the main street of the city. Guests of the hotel enjoy hotel's own parking and free Wi-Fi access. Mountain view rooms are available. A bar, lounge area, fitness center, swimming pool and much more are also available to the hotel guests.

Dog-friendly hotel Grand Hotel Millennium Sofia

Upscale hotel with a nice location. Hotel facilities include pool use, bar, lounge, and a valet parking service. The hotel staff speaks many European languages. The most popular citywide entertainment, parks and restaurants are located close to the hotel. You can book a room with mountains view. Here you can stay with your dog and get some services for the pet if necessary. Reach out to the hotel staff once you book your room, so you can be assisted with assigning a pet-friendly room.

Astoria Grand Hotel in Sofia, pets are allowed

Astoria grand hotel Sofia dog friendly

This wonderful hotel in the center of Sofia offers a beautiful city view. The central location allows you teasily to access all major city attractions and shopping arias. Hotel offers such minutes as a swimming pool, free WI-FI, restaurant and bar.

Reach out to the hotel staff once you book your room, so you can be assisted with assigning a pet-friendly room.

Dog-friendly restaurants and cafés of Sofia

Whether you are travelling with a dog or not, you still need to eat, right? In Sofia, restaurants and cafés are loyal to visitors with pets, so nothing to be worries about. Here is a short list of only a few places where you an easily get a meal together with your pet.

Da Organic Restaurant

This is a very nice place with friendly and experienced staff. The Da Organic Restaurant offers a lot of great dishes at an affordable price. Vegetarian menu is also available. Staff is always happy to see guests with dogs.

Osteria San Marco

This place has only five stars on the reviews sites, which should give some reassurance to the travellers with dogs. Here you can enjoy Italian cuisine at affordable prices. Great place to have a lunch amid your Sofia adventure.

The Friendly Bear

In case you are after Eastern European and Central European cuisine - this is the place. Vegetarian menu is available. Restaurant’s name "Friendly Bear" speaks for itself. Travellers with dogs are always welcome here.

There are over thirty restaurants and cafés in Sofia that would allow you in with a dog. On top of theses already listed here, check out these if you will be around: go to Boho for deserts, Cafe1920 is a wonderful place to have breakfast with a dog, Barter Community Hub looks minimalist and stylish.

We feel it is safe to say that it is definitely worth going to Sofia with a dog. The capital of Bulgaria welcomes not only visitors from all over the world, but also their pets. Dogs love to travel, share the next trip with your pet!

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